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The Loud House Movie

The Loud House Movie

The Loud House Movie

Paramount president Marc Evans announced that, during Comic-Con, the studio will work closely with Viacom's TV brands, most notably Nickelodeon, which includes this movie.[7] When the film was first announced at Comic-Con 2017, series creator Chris Savino stated that the film would be non-canon to the show. Dave Needham later contradicted Savino's claim stating that it is canon since Lily is still in her diaper appearance. In a later interview on the Nerds Social Club Podcast, Needham states that this film takes place during the summer somewhere between "Coupe Dreams" and "Schooled!"[12]

The Loud House Movie was originally scheduled for a theatrical release of February 7, 2020, however, in January 2019, Paramount Pictures removed it off their release calendar.[8] On February 5, 2019, Viacom's CEO Bob Bakish announced that instead of the theatrical release by Paramount Pictures, the film would instead be released on the streaming service Netflix.[10] This news was later confirmed by an official statement by Netflix announcing a "multi-year deal between Netflix and Nickelodeon" in November 2019.[18] In April 2021, Netflix announced via teaser trailer that the movie would be released during the summer of 2021.[16] In July 2021, Netflix announced via a trailer that the final release date for the film had been set for August 20, 2021.[19]

Twenty-two years ago, Rita and Lynn Loud Sr. met on a school crosswalk and immediately became smitten the moment they laid eyes on each other. After a few dates, they eventually married, bought their own house, and Rita gave birth to eleven children: eldest Lori, fashionista Leni, musician Luna, comedian Luan, athletic Lynn, only son Lincoln, gothic Lucy, polar opposite twins Lana and Lola, genius Lisa, and baby Lily ("Life is Better Loud").

In the present, Lincoln is teaching Lily how to obtain a breakfast burrito, since their sisters would most likely beat them to it before they're all gone. However, the sisters are one step ahead of them, and after Lincoln successfully launches the girls out of the house, he and Lily are prepared to eat their breakfast burritos. Unfortunately, the girls eventually get back inside and have a massive brawl over the food, where Lincoln and Lily, hiding under the table, are successful in obtaining one while the other sisters fight for theirs. During their scuffle, Rita stops the fight to inform Lola that she has a pageant recital, when suddenly, all the other sisters remark that they have activities to do today. As Rita and Lynn Sr. begin to panic, saying they're not prepared for this, Lincoln tells them that he knows what to do.

After Lincoln gives each of his sisters their respective equipment, the family spends the entire day partaking in the numerous activities, like Lori at her golf tournament, Leni at her fashion show, Luna at her concert, Luan at her comedy performance, Lynn at her soccer match, Lucy at her Mortician's Club event, Lola at her pageant, Lana at her race (working in pit crew), and Lisa at her science convention. At dawn, as the Louds eat at Lynn's Table, everyone recognizes the sisters and quickly run up to them to see them. In the ensuing chaos, Lincoln is dragged away from his family and Scoots, exiting the building, accidentally takes Lincoln outside, with the door accidentally locking him out. As Lincoln looks on through the window, he discovers that his sisters are all beloved by everyone, and realizes that he has nothing to show, prompting him to express a desire to be in the spotlight for once and feel like he's special as well ("Ordinary Me"). At Clyde's house, Lincoln bemoans to his friend that he's always going to be in his sisters' shadows. In an attempt to cheer him up, Clyde offers him some cream puffs he made. After eating one, Lincoln begins to cry, because he realizes that his own friend has a special talent as well (as well as pointing out that he won countless awards for his baking skills). This makes Clyde remark that his skills in baking simply runs in the family. He further elaborates that he once went to France with his grandmother, Gayle, and learned that his ancestral grandmothers were excellent bakers, and that passion for baking passed onto them. This story immediately enlightens Lincoln's mood, saying that he got an idea as a result.

The next day, Morag is trying to clean up the mess the Loud kids made in the hallway. As she cleans, she begins to lament to a portrait of her ancestor, Aggie, who was responsible for driving the Louds' ancestors away 400 years ago in order to achieve peace and quiet. As Morag continues to suffer from the kids' shenanigans (while also reminding herself it's only for one week), Lincoln announces to Angus his plans on becoming the duke. Lincoln proceeds to go around Loch Loud and try to make things better for the citizens so they can christen him as the new Duke, like impressing them with his magic tricks or offering them free breakfast burritos, while Angus reminds him that being a Duke means that he has to put the citizens over himself, and Lincoln manages to win them over by fixing in the other half a broken bridge ("I'm Gonna Be the Duke"). However, Morag ruins the moment by revealing that Lincoln is only staying in Scotland for a week, causing the citizens to believe they celebrated with a tourist and not a permanent resident. At Angus' suggestion, Lincoln tries to convince his family that they should move to Scotland. Using a slideshow presentation, Lincoln explains that moving to Scotland is a good thing as they found themselves and their culture here, and that if they stay, they can get all the fame and adoration they want. Lynn Sr. immediately approves of this decision, but the girls are unconvinced, mainly because they know that Lincoln only wants this to be in a position of power, and because they have lives in Royal Woods regarding their friends and school. Realizing he's outnumbered, Lincoln proceeds to guilt trip them by feigning sadness and lamenting that they can go back home once their vacation ends, "to our house with one bathroom." This one comment alone horrifies the family to the point that they immediately change their mind and decide to move to Scotland.

After a day of living life royally loud, Angus and Morag tend to Lincoln's bath. Excusing herself, Morag retreats to a cliff far away from the castle, screams out her hatred of the Louds for 15 seconds, and begins to dig a hole right next to the nearby tree. Back at the castle, Lucille, while observing the rain outside with Lucy, tells her something urgent: Morag's comment regarding her family getting lost while trying to find Loch Loud is a lie. She explains in a flashback that her family was heading back home to their kingdom, full of spirit. However, when they got close, Lolo, their pet dragon, flew up to them and stopped them in their tracks. Remembering that dragons are considered the protectors of the land, the Duke, who has the closest bond with Lolo, attempts to ask Lolo to let them through, but the dragon responds by firing its fire breath at him. This causes the family to believe that they are banished from their kingdom and, after the duke relinquishes his crown, turn back around while Lolo flies back to Loch Loud. Lucy begins to question why Morag would lie about their fate, and Lucille believes that if they can find the journal of Aggie, who was their respective caretaker, they can get the answer. However, the journal is revealed to be right beside the tree where Morag started digging, which she promptly digs up. As Morag looks through the pages, it's revealed in another flashback that Aggie was controlling Lolo with the royal scepter, which was holding a magical gemstone called the Dragon Stone that, once removed, reverted Lolo back to normal. To make matters worse, Aggie had left the stone in the journal, which Morag discovers and sees as her opportunity to get rid of the Louds once and for all.

Later, in Loch Loud, Lincoln is hard at work cleaning a house's chimney. Despite the hundreds of houses whose chimneys need cleaning, Lincoln, hearing people cheering in the distance, believe it's what must be done to make them happy. Suddenly, a flyer flies into Lincoln's face, promoting his sisters. Fearing for the worst, Lincoln quickly runs into the town centers and discovers to his horror that his sisters are showing off their talents and skills. Their performances end up catching the attention of everyone in Loch Loud, where they unknowingly trample Lincoln. As Lincoln looks on with heartbreak that he's once again overshadowed his sisters, Morag approaches him and, back at the castle, Lincoln complains to her that because he's the Duke, he should be the most special Loud of all. Morag, feigning pity for him, gestures to a painting on a fireplace mantel showing the Duke riding on top of his dragon, and Lincoln realizes that if he does the same with Lela, he can get his fame and adoration back, to which Morag agrees with. As Lincoln goes off to get Lela, Morag retrieves the royal scepter from a pile of the Louds' stuff. Later, Lincoln arrives to Loch Loud riding on top of Lela. As Lincoln shows off some tricks to the people, Morag, hiding in an alley, places the Dragon Stone into the royal scepter, and at that moment, Lela becomes hypnotized by the stone's power and begins flying in whichever direction Morag moves the scepter, which Lincoln can't control. Morag proceeds to make a mess of Loch Loud by guiding Lela into the buildings, destroying and/or heavily wrecking them. After causing enough damage, Morag makes Lela land, and when Lincoln jumps off, he discovers the amount of damage caused and tries to keep the people happy that he can fix it. However, after a botched attempt to fix things results in the Chip Shoppe getting destroyed, the furious townsfolk immediately turn against him, angrily chewing him out because how his little stunt resulted in the destruction of their town. Realizing he lost the respect of everybody, Lincoln runs away in tears. As his concerned family follows him, Morag takes the Dragon Stone out of the royal scepter, causing Lela to revert back to normal, and shamefully flies away. 59ce067264


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