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7 - 8.march


200+ student developers

About us

Norwegian Game Awards is a game development competition organized by the Non-Profit student organization StartNTNU. We work for innovation, innovation and our goal is to put game development on the agenda! We want to put Norwegian game devlopers on the map. We now enter our fourteenth year, and we are sitting on valuable knowledge and experience, and most importantly, we are a link between you and the technology students.

Target audience

The demand for IT-strong and creative brains has never been higher. Norwegian Game Awards is a hub for students who have knowledge of programming, development, graphics rendering and technology skills. These are young, committed people who are passionate about what they do and have worked on these games for several months. NGA gives you the opportunity to get in touch with Norway's IT future already at the beginning of your education.


Improving Education

Improving education is an important part of strengthening the Norwegian game industry. Therefore, we arrange an event for professors, as a part of the networking night, for them to improve their teaching, share experiences, and create connections. This helps improve the education game development students receive throughout all of Norway and helps motivate both the students and the professors themselves.

Why us?

Norwegian Game Awards is Start's largest event and Norway's largest game development competition for students. Last year over 200 practically skilled programmers created their own game and participated in the competition. These programmers come from all over Norway, and are the next generation of game developers.

With over 100+ games submitted from previous years, we seek to reach even more game developers this year with your help!

Contacting Norwegian Game Awards - here's how to get in touch

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