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Here you'll find more information about the specific requirements, deadlines, rules and of course the prizes!

Participants page

Here is a roadmap to NGA 24!

Deadline January 22.

Sign up!

Sign up alone or with your team, and get working on your game!

Also join our discord!

February 12.

Send in a preview

We will send out a short survey

on Friday 10. February. Please have a poster and a short video of your game prepared.

February 23.

Last day to submit your game

Make sure your game is uploaded to the NGA24 jam before February 23. Submit here

March 7.

NGA day 1:

On networking night you get to meet all the other contestants and attend workshops with our partners

March 8.

NGA day 2:

Game Expo in Trondheim! Show off your game, get feedback, have fun, and win! 

Underneath you'll find the different prizes you can win at NGA!


Game of the Year

Best overall game execution.

The jury will focus on the game's performance in every category

Gamer's Choice

The Audience votes on their favorite game.

The votes will be open for attendees at the Expo.

Best Visual Design

Best execution of visual art and design.

The jury will focus on:

  • Self-designed art and graphics (In game and promotional material)

  • Character models and objects used in the game

  • Animations

Best Audio Design

Best overall sound and music experience.

The jury will focus on:

  • Self-designed music and sound

  • Sound effects

  • Background music/sound (ambience)

Best Narrative

Most compelling narrative in any form imaginable.

The jury will focus on:

  • Games with a compelling story

  • How the game’s vision is expressed

  • The game’s ability to provoke emotions with the player

  • The game’s atmosphere

Best Gameplay Design

Most creative and functional game mechanics.

The jury will focus on:

  • Creativity and innovation in game mechanics

  • Execution and functionality of the game mechanics

Most Innovative Game

Most unique and creative use of game technology.

The jury will focus on:

  • Games that stand out in a crowd

  • Platform

  • Utilization of game technology in new arenas (Health, Education, Training, etc.)



§1.1 Norwegian Game Awards (NGA) reserves the right to decide whether an entry may compete or not.

§1.2 NGA reserves the right to change the rules at any time, without warning. Larger changes will be announced at official channels. 

§1.3 The participants have the responsibility to keep updated about the rules at any time. 

§1.4 The deadline for game submissions during NGA 2024 is the 26. February 23.59 Norwegian time (UTC +01:00). Entries submitted later than this may be ignored.

§1.5 Entries and participants may not be currently associated with, or sponsored by, a company in the games or entertainment industry. An entry that violates this rule will be disqualified. However, it is allowed to start a company associated with the entry. The rationale behind this rule is that this is to be kept a student oriented competition.

§1.6 The entry must not have been published by a publisher. Releasing the game independently is allowed.

§1.7 A playable demo – not necessarily a completed game – must be submitted by each team by the competitions deadline. This submission is referred to as the final entry. Additionally, each team is required to submit at least three (3) in-game screen shots, a game-play video or a trailer and a 100 word description of the game.

§1.8 Award nominees and winners are selected by the competition’s jury, with exception of “Gamer’s Choice”. The decisions cannot be appealed. 

§1.9 Partners to NGA are not liable for lawsuit from participants of the competition regarding game ideas or likenesses to their own products, current or future.

§1.10 Teams may submit multiple game entries. This also means individuals may participate in multiple teams and entries during the same competition run.


§2.1 Entries must run in a web browser or on one of the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8 or 10, Linux (latest stable build of Ubuntu) or OS X (as a Universal binary). Emulators are permitted. Should your game need a gamepad or such, please contact one of the organizers.

§2.2 Entries targeting the mobile platform must run on one of the following platforms: Iphone/Ipad or Android. SDK emulators are also allowed.

§2.3 Entries are allowed to use existing technology (such as libraries, game engines, game makers, etc.) and existing media (such as images, 3D models, sound effects, etc.) However, teams must have the right to use the technology, media and trademarks, as well as the right to submit the final entry to NGA for judgement, i.e. respect copyrights and any applicable license agreements. This also means that modifications of existing games (“mods”) are allowed.


§3.1 NGA aims to promote ambitious individuals, looking to break in to the Norwegian game and/or entertainment industry. Therefore at least 50% of the team participating must be students with a Norwegian study and be an active in the development of the game. 

§3.2 The submission can and should be tested by people outside the team. The testers can only give advise to improvements. If the testers become more involved in the development, they should be a part of the team.

§3.3 The registered team can add and remove members during the development. It’s not allowed to use §3.2 to remove the testers after implementing the improvements.

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