About NGA

Ever wanted to make your own game?

Norwegian Game Awards is the perfect opportunity!


What exactly is NGA?

NGA is a great chance for Norwegian developers to show of your game and get feedback. We are the largest game developement contest in norway You get to meet the other contestants and participate in workshops with partners in the industry. Find out how the business of it all works, and find your way forward! 

The competitions goal is to contribute to an increased focus on game development, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. It also promotes the multi-disciplinary aspects of game development. 

"We are be the springboard for the game makers of tomorrow, and we will make sure make students all over Norway consider game development as a viable career path”

The competition will be a natural meeting place for the game industry and students, for through us they get access to the most talented students in game development, programming and graphics rendering. We want to increase the interest in game development, and inspire students to develop games and chase their dreams. Through our nationwide reach we aim to change the Norwegian gaming industry to the better.

There are some great interviews with previous contestants below, you can also find out more on the participants page, as well as the updates page.


But don't listen to us

Take a look at Level up's coverage of NGA 2020 and previous interviews with participants and Funcom!

Who is behind this?

NGA is an event held each year by the student organization Start NTNU. We are students at the

Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, working to inspire students to be more innovative and start something for themselves. 

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