About NGA

Ever wanted to make your own game?

Norwegian Game Awards is the perfect oppoftunity!

Who is behind this?

NGA is an event held each year by the student organization Start NTNU. We are students at the

Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, working to inspire students to be more innovative and start something for themselves. 

Se our other events at startntnu.no

How to NGA in 3 steps

Step 1

Sign up! Any one who is a student can sign up either alone or as a team. You then have until spring 2021 to make your game. If you already have started making a game that is fine too, but you can't sign up with a already released game! 

Se more about the deadlines on the participants page

Step 2

Day 1 of NGA: Networking night. Come to Trondheim and meet all the other contestants, talk with established game developers and enjoy some social activities before the big day

Step 3

Day 2 of NGA: Game Expo. Here all the teams get to show their games to the audience at their own stand. As audience member you get to wander around and try out all the different games as well as other fun activities. There will be workshops with our partners going throughout the day.

At the end the Awards ceremony crowns the best games in seven different categories.

Se more about the awards categories here.

But don't listen to us

NGA has been around for more than 12 years, and in that time many game studios have come in to existence. Nothing prides us more than seeing old NGA-contestants running their own studios, and following their own journey!

Take a look at some contestants-gone-pro talk about their take on NGA, as well as an interview with Funcom

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