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Dual Family 0.72 Act I Part VI Walkthrough Pc Game

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Dual Family 0.72 Act I Part VI Walkthrough Pc Game

the game is set up as a visual novel. the players goal is to reach the end of the story. as the player of the human world, this usually means to have an intimate relationship with one of his characters. as the creator of the ai system, the players goal is to keep his ai system safe and to make it explore the human world.

each of the five acts is comprised of several chapters, each of which consists of multiple events (sets of dialogue choices) that the player has to perform in order to advance the plot of the story. the choices you make during an event may affect the further progression of the story and thus affect some of the paths you can take.

1) dialogue choices or mini-dungeons requiring an escort mission (required escort mission in the context of this text refers to a dialogue choice or mini-dungeon that requires the player to escort somebody to a certain destination in order for the escort mission to be completed successfully). in this case, the required escort mission has a fixed number of turns that your hero can use during this escort mission in order to advance the plot, but the number of turns is not guaranteed to be used at any time.

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