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Stickman Games: Discover the Crazy World of Stickman Hook and More

As you might imagine, the most popular stickman games mirror what games are generally popular. That means you can expect to find a disproportionate amount of stickman fighting games, 2D platformers, and shooting games in this section. After all, they are the most action-packed titles.

Go on dangerous missions with crudely drawn heroes in our selection of stickman games! Made to survive even the roughest tumbles and falls, your stickman can withstand many harsh conditions. Send the 2D character flying over cliffs on a dirt bike, or arm him with rifles for an intense gunfight. If you die in battle, you can get up again instantly. The fun never stops! Go mountain biking, fishing and racing with your hand-drawn pal!

stickman games


We have stickman games in many different genres. You can ride motorbikes and ATVs across tricky terrain. Avoid spike pits and fields of lava, and drive your vehicle perfectly to reach the finish line. For an action-packed challenge, try playing one of our shooting or tower defense titles! Our collection includes stickman games based on Call of Duty and other famous PC games. A fight can break out anywhere. Battle in war zones, business offices, and tennis courts!

Play the best stickman games for free. We have collected 122 popular stickman games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top stickman games such as Stickman Dismounting, Stickman War, Vex 6, DEUL and Vex 3. Choose a stickman game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Over the years at Coolmath, we have acquired a vast array of Stickman games for players to try out. While the genres vary greatly, they all have fun and kind of silly stickman mechanics. Flop and topple around the map until you make it to the end and achieve victory.

Stickman games involve any game where players are controlling a stick figure that is moving around the map. This can include a vast array of genres. For example, in the game Vex 7, players are trying to run, jump, and fly their way around the map to reach the end. The stickman part of this game makes it fun because players are able to have a fun and playful experience with a character that has interesting physics.

However, stickman games are not just glorified platformer games. There is tons of variety on this collection page. For example, in the game Cat Burglar and The Magic Museum, players are controlling a sneaky stickman who is stealing paintings from a mysterious museum. Use timing, anticipation, and skill in order to become the best cat burglar that you can be.

Play the best free online stickman games on Compete for high scores and earn achievements by logging into your Lagged account. Join millions of players from around the world by playing our free games on any device. Find any game that you want to play by searching at the top of the page.

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Stickman games are the ultimate online gaming experience for anyone who loves action, adventure, and a good laugh. These games feature the iconic stick figure character, known for its simple design and limitless versatility. Whether you're looking for some fast-paced action, a thrilling adventure, or just a good laugh, stickman games have got you covered.

The stickman is a simple, yet versatile character that has become a staple of online gaming. With its simple design, the stickman can be made to do just about anything, from racing and fighting to exploring and solving puzzles. Some of the most famous stickmen in the world of online gaming include Bowman, from the popular archery game, and Vinnie, from the popular Sift Heads series.

So if you're looking for a fun and exciting online gaming experience, look no further than stickman games. With their fast-paced action, thrilling adventures, and hilarious humor, these games are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a good time. So why wait? Head on over to today and start playing!

In stickman games, the protagonists are simple figures with a circle representing the head and a few straight lines for the body, arms and legs. This minimal style allows for rich animations to bring the characters to life. Stickman games are often action games in which you have to lead your character with skill and precision but also sometimes fight your opponents with different weapons or melee like in stickman fighting games.

Stickmans first appeared in the browser-based video game with the Xiao-Xiao series directed by Zhu Zhiqiang and which brought these characters to life for the first time using flash technology. The game series Sift Heads was played by millions of players around the world, we could follow through many episodes the adventures of the charismatic bounty hunter Vinnie. Stickman games are still one of the most popular browser genres these days, with the platform games Vex and Hanger in particular.

Play Stickman Dragon Ball Fight - Super Stick Warriors online in your browser and enjoy with GamesFrog! Stickman Dragon Ball Fight - Super Stick Warriors is STICKMAN game that you can play free on our site. This game has action, adventure, anime, fighting, ninja, simulator, battle, 2d, cartoon, weapons, cartoon network, dragon ball z, punch tags and this game has been played 29991 times. If you love Action Adventure Anime Fighting Ninja Simulator Battle 2D Cartoon Weapons Cartoon Network Dragon Ball Z Punch games you can also find other games on our site with GamesFrog. Below you will find control to play Stickman Dragon Ball Fight - Super Stick Warriors.

You are a fan of role playing games? You like it to be stickman games? Welcome to Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors! You will find it so much fun to experience this simple but interesting gameplay. All you need to do is dodge, jump, power your ki, perform basic and 3 advanced skills, transform your hero into an ultra instinct then fight against invaders. The control is so simple that you will be amazed at how attracting the sound effects and graphics are.

I would love to play Stickman Soccer, Stickman Skate Challenge etc. I download them, install them, run them, cycle through the menus using my shield controller, all no problems. As soon as I start a game, the controller stops working. Nothing works. I can't even exit out of the name. GeForce forums seem to suggest that a device in the USB drive may be thinking it's player 1 and therefore not allowing use of the controller. Problem is, the device in the USB drive is my adopted storage.... Is there any way around this? If I take the drive out, will the games work, or is everything spread over the SSD and the adopted storage...?

Next on the list is the Stick Fight Tnsoftware. This stickman game depicts a simple design with an amazing fighting system. In this action game, you will take the role of a stickman that possesses excellent martial arts skills. Your goal is to destroy the rogue organization and serve justice through your fantastic fists, kicks, and martial arts skills. As you progress in the game, your stickman will become more dynamic as you earn weapons and hats that greatly impact your skills.

Another stickman game that will test your potential is Draw a Stickman: Epic Free. In this fun adventure game, you will be set in a cartoon-like background where you will be tasked to create fantastic images and see how these images will affect society. Also, you need to take various quests to unleash the secrets and beat opponents. It is a fun interactive game where doodling or drawing objects is your weapon to solve various puzzles.

In Draw a Stickman: Epic 2, your imagination will become a reality. Whenever you draw stick men and other things, you will enjoy witnessing how these doodles become real. So, ready your pencils, and reach your goal of playing this awesome stickman game.

Adding to the list of the best stickman games is the Stickman Dismounting. If you are a player that prefers dealing with chaos, then this ragdoll simulation game is right for you. In this game, you will launch your stickman from a certain vehicle and watch him fly into the range of your screen. Upon doing the scene, you will surely notice the exhilarating ragdoll physics it offers.

Landing to the top 7 of best stickman games is the League of Stickman Free. In this action game, you are entitled to choose your hero and step into a significant battlefield as you fight for your dominance. You need to beat all bosses, champions, and land on a high spot on the worldwide leaderboards in this game. To make this happen, you need to create great alliances and join forces with other active players to beat your opponents.

Getting a spot on our list is the Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior. It is a 2D action game developed by Homecooked Games. In this game, you will take the shoe of a young stickman warrior striving to become the best black belter.

Next to the list is the Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4 Player Games Free. This freemium stickman arcade game is best played with friends. Here, you will be playing with four other players in a board-like game setting. Your goal in this game is to gather trophies. The more trophies you collect, the more chances of winning the game.

Last but not least, and completing the list of best stickman games is Gun Fu: Stickman 2. If you are looking for a game that can kill your boredom, then this game is right for you. In this arcade game, you will be playing as a simple stickman. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

Like many Stickman games, Stickman Base Jumper keeps the graphical details simple while making the gameplay the primary focus. After only a few jumps I was hooked, and I think anyone who likes physics-based games that require perfect timing will like it too.


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