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Wechselbalg Der Traum Regelwerk REPACK


Wechselbalg Der Traum Regelwerk REPACK

Between the War Themes Themes, the crisis of the nuns, and the disease threatening the convent, the atmosphere in the convent is absolutely tense. Sister Maria prays constantly for peace and rest in her convent. Thinking the disease is over, the monks return to the convent. However, a dead soldier is discovered in the convent chapel. The nuns are forced to examine him. Sister Maria is overcome with acute fear and is now convinced that there is a German soldier in the convent. The nuns find their friend, Sister Sophia, crumpled and sick on the chapel floor. The nuns attend to her troubles. She tells the nuns she is recovering from typhus, but is weakened and has never been quite herself since the rape. She tells them she heard the monks debating how to best protect themselves from the soldiers. The conversation is overheard by a novice who relates it to Sister Aloysius.

The ugly details of the rape are brought to light. They discovered the soldiers used two army cloaks to cover one soldier while raping the other. The nuns accuse the soldiers of being animals, and the soldiers leave the convent. Sister Aloysius and the nuns have a long talk over coffee. Sister Aloysius tells the sisters she was surprised to learn of the nuns' troubles. To her, the rape represented a loss of innocence. This innocence can never be recovered for all women. She adds that the convent is no place for a soldier to be. The nuns agree, and agree they must expel the soldiers from their cloister.

A nun tells the Mother Superior that she had never seen Sister Sophia so weakly ill before. The Mother Superior sends Sister Aloysius and the priest out of the convent. They discuss how the convent is being used by the soldiers. The Mother Superior has told Sister Aloysius that she is not to report the rape back to the bishop. Sister Aloysius promises she will not and says there is a German soldier in the convent.

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