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Laubwerk Plants Kit 4 Win Mac

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A medium-sized evergreen tree or shrub that is valued as much for its foliage as for its flowers, fruit, and seeds. The leaves of several species are elliptical, triangular, or obovate. The flowers are arranged in large, spike-like clusters, and are produced in the fall or winter. Fruits ripen in the spring. Family is Epacridaceae. Western Hemlock, Choisya, Frangipanni, Houllet Oak, and Crataegus. Free - native plants.

The Brazilian shamrock is unique in its range of flowers in bright colors. Leaves are medium size linear. Transparent petals of yellow, rose and pink. Eyes are greenish. buds are small with pointed tips. Flowering season is April to July. Flowers are red to salmon, usually you will find six petals. Seeds are small. Some say the Brazilian shamrock brings good luck in house and garden!

Laubwerk Plants Kit 8.5 is an attractive, free-standing, multi pot plant. Grown in pairs, planted two per pot. Planting height is 15 inches. Species include: Abelia, Lilac tree, Helioglossum, Exeter daisy, Helianthemum, Monarda, Capsicum, Tiger Eye, Chrysanthemum, Lantana, Zinnia, Cercidiphyllum, Woodfordia, and Camellias. Perfect gift for any occasion. d2c66b5586


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