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In short: Make adjustments Reset the LOOT file Run LOOT Save your changes - Let LOOT do its thing If everything went well, enjoy your mod without any lengthy load order tinkering

The first thing you should do is accept the changes that LOOT has made to your load order. This will refresh your screen and show you all changes that LOOT made, whether you accepted them or not. The changes are all written in red and are displayed as BBCode snippets.

You can click to open a dialog to accept LOOT's changes, or click switch to new LOOT layout to switch to a new temporary layout. This will only last a few minutes and then switch back, so you can't proceed without accepting your changes.

Next, reset the LOOT file darkestdungeon.looot by clicking Reset LOOT on the top-left menu. This resets your game and settings, and waypoints. If you restart the game it'll load your last save.

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