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Nitgen Access Manager Serial Number

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Biometrics systems are becoming increasingly convenient andaffordable, causing their use to expand beyond the usual highsecurity locations. Among biometrics systems, fingerprintrecognition systems are most widely used because they are easy touse, affordable, and can support various applications.NITGEN&COMPANY, a leader in the fingerprint recognitionindustry, provides various fingerprint solutions including computersecurity, knowledge management, access control, vault security,electronic transaction settlements, and financial settlements. Thecompany responds to evolving customer demands through continuousR&D and quality management. NITGEN&COMPANYs access controlsystem integrates the companys core technologies such asfingerprint recognition algorithms, optical sensors, embeddeddesign, and software application technology. Unlike access controlsystems which only use passwords or ID cards, NITGEN&COMPANYsfingerprint system prevents the possibility of lost passwords, cardforgery, or card robbery. Instead of having terminals operateindependently, the system remotely monitors terminals in networkformat, resulting in improved efficiency. NITGEN&COMPANYsaccess control system supports RF cards, passwords, and fingerprintrecognition and provides features such as group ID, shortcut ID,and 1:N matching, as well an interphone and voice instructions tosatisfy the needs of various customers. This guide describes how touse the high-capacity access server and remote manager.

The AccessServer software is a database on a network computer server where thesession management is performed and the related data might be stored.The data stored on AccessServer could be accessed by remote usersvia any terminals attached to the network. Data originally entered isstored into the database and can be retrieved in future. As soon asthe user logs off from the network on his workstation, the sessionmanagement information is removed from the AccessServer databaseand it is not accessible any more. d2c66b5586


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