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The Spy Who Never Dies Subtitles Serbian

The Spy Who Never Dies Subtitles Serbian --->>>

And who are Klehr' enemies She subtitles her article "An exposure of the RCP's revisionist line on the international situation". But this is just a ruse. She does not particularly have the Revolutionary Communist Party in mind. Thus her article attacks RCP as being "in opposition to the concept of the three worlds". Yet everybody knows that the RCP has never opposed the counter-revolutionary theory of "Three Worlds". Quite the contrary. So Klehr's article is really directed mainly at all who have preserved their revolutionary honor and wish to fight U.S. imperialism and its social-chauvinist lackeys. Her enemies, first and foremost, are the genuine Marxist-Leninists and true internationalists in the U.S. who are rallying together to fight social-chauvinism, repudiate the theory of directing the "main blow" at Soviet social-imperialism, and who direct their struggle towards forwarding the proletarian revolution in the U.S. She has particular venom for the ideas coming out of the historic Seventh Congress of the Party of Labor of Albania. She labels the internationalists as "Trotskyites", "agents of the Soviet social-imperialists", "followers of the gang of four" and "anti-China".

Lacking anything serious to say, Klehr accuses the revolutionary internationalists of "Trotskyism". This is an especially unfortunate accusation for her to make. She quotes Comrade Stalin a number of times, but anyone who checks these quotations and studies Comrade Stalin's works will find that these very quotations speak against OL's social-chauvinism. OL suffered the same fiasco on the question of the "main blow". Comrade Stalin's clear teachings on. the "main blow" in his classic work The Foundations of Leninism show the absolute necessity to fight OL's opportunism and social-chauvinism. Actually when Klehr quotes Comrade Stalin and makes a big show of "anti-Trotskyism" this doesn't even indicate respect for Comrade Stalin, since the OL is shouting up and down about Comrade Stalin's alleged "mistakes" and the "mistakes" of the Comintern (see Class Struggle, no. 8). Klehr is making such a big deal about "Trotskyism" because OL's open struggle against the "ultra-left" as the main danger in the U.S. communist movement has been discredited. Our historical task at this time is to repudiate Browderism, right opportunism, the theoretical basis of social-chauvinism. In order to give lip-service to fighting revisionism while still continuing the fight against the "ultraleft", OL denounces "Trotskyism" instead of the "ultra-left", and denounces "mechanical materialism", "metaphysics" and the "theory of equilibrium" instead of "dogmatism". At the very sight of all these dreadful words, the weak-nerved are supposed to get down on their knees and beg absolution from the Klonkskyites, beg to never again get any "uppity" ideas about thinking for themselves, following Marxism-Leninism and overthrowing the bourgeoisie. For the social-chauvinists, blackmail and bullying long ago replaced serious analysis. 59ce067264


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