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Innocence of Muslims Full Movie in Hindi: Watch Online or Download Free

Download Innocence of Muslims Full Movie in Hindi

Innocence of Muslims is an anti-Islamic short film that was written and produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in 2012. The movie sparked violent protests and outrage among Muslims around the world for its depiction of Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child molester, and a murderer. The movie was uploaded on YouTube in two versions, one in English and one dubbed in Arabic. Some people may wonder how to download Innocence of Muslims full movie in Hindi, either out of curiosity or support for the movie. In this article, we will explain what Innocence of Muslims is, why some people want to download it in Hindi, how to download it legally and safely, and what are the alternatives to downloading it.

download innocence of muslims full movie in hindi

What is Innocence of Muslims?

The plot and description of the movie

Innocence of Muslims is a 14-minute low-budget video that consists of poorly acted and directed scenes portraying Muhammad and his followers as violent and immoral. The movie opens with a scene showing Egyptian security forces standing idle as Muslims attack and burn the homes of Christians. Then it cuts to cartoonish scenes depicting Muhammad as a child of uncertain parentage, a buffoon, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child molester, and a greedy, bloodthirsty thug. Most references to Islam were overdubbed over the original spoken lines after filming had been completed without the actors' knowledge. The movie ends with a disclaimer stating that it is based on historical facts.

The controversy and backlash of the movie

The movie was uploaded on YouTube in July 2012 under the titles "The Real Life of Muhammad" and "Muhammad Movie Trailer". In September 2012, videos dubbed in Arabic were uploaded and circulated among Muslim communities. The movie was perceived as denigrating and insulting Muhammad and Islam, which led to demonstrations and violent protests against the movie in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria, b70169992d


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