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Pc Dmis 2015.1 Hasp 41

PC-DMIS 2015.1 HASP 41

PC-DMIS is a software for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that allows users to measure and inspect parts, create reports, and analyze data. PC-DMIS uses a hardware-based licensing scheme that requires a HASP device to be plugged into a USB port on the computer running the software. A HASP device is also known as a portlock or a dongle, and it is designed to prevent software piracy.

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In order to run PC-DMIS 2015.1, users need to have a HASP device with the code 41. This code indicates that the HASP device is compatible with PC-DMIS 2015.1 and has the necessary features and options enabled. Users can check the code of their HASP device by using the Sentinel Admin Control Center, which is a web-based tool that allows users to manage their HASP devices.

However, some users may encounter issues with their HASP device after upgrading or installing Windows 10. For example, they may receive error messages such as "You do not have a license. PC-DMIS cannot continue." or "You do not have a Port Lock. cannot continue". They may also see a message that says "HASP Protection System - Cannot open HASP driver". These errors indicate that the HASP device is not being recognized by Windows 10 or PC-DMIS.

The solution to these issues is to update the portlock drivers. Users can download the latest drivers from the Hexagon website and follow the instructions in the README file to install them. Alternatively, they can contact Hexagon technical support for assistance. Note that only PC-DMIS 2015.1 and newer versions are officially supported on Windows 10.

By updating the portlock drivers, users should be able to run PC-DMIS 2015.1 with their HASP device without any problems. However, users should also be aware of some limitations of PC-DMIS 2015.1, such as the possibility of an "Out Of Memory" error when working with large CAD models. Users should also make sure that their computer meets the minimum system requirements for PC-DMIS 2015.1, which are listed on the Hexagon website.

PC-DMIS 2015.1 is a powerful and versatile software for CMMs, but it requires a valid HASP device with the code 41 to run. Users who have issues with their HASP device on Windows 10 should update their portlock drivers or contact Hexagon technical support for help. Users who want to learn more about PC-DMIS 2015.1 can visit the Hexagon website or watch some tutorial videos on YouTube.


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