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Orgasm Torture

Orgasm Torture --->

Orgasm Torture

Post-orgasm torture describes the uncomfortable and sometimes painful stimulation of the genitals immediately following orgasm. For many people, the vulva, clitoris, labia, vagina, penis, anus, scrotum and perineum can be very sensitive immediately after an orgasm. Some people do not want these parts touched in the moments after climax.

Post-orgasm torture may involve stimulation with hands, mouth, feet, penis, vulva, other body parts, sex toys and more. Bondage can also be incorporated into the scene to ensure the person being tortured cannot stop their torturer. Note that, despite the use of the word torture, the recipient of post-orgasm torture is engaging in a consensual act. It is possible to achieve a very powerful and intense orgasm through this method, but it also involves facing discomfort and ceding control.

Anyone, regardless or gender or sexuality can be the recipient of post-orgasm torture or the person doing the torturing. It is, however, most often depicted as a version of femdom, particularly as a female dominant continuing to perform fellatio after ejaculation has occured. Post-orgasm torture is also a form of control or power play, where one person exerts sexual control over another person.

This type of dominant/submissive scene may or may not involve other BDSM or control-related aspects, or the players may just desire the moments after orgasm to be the focus. Some people may sustain this post-orgasm period and torture, continuing stimulation until the discomfort abates and the person being tortured is ready to continue sexual activity.

But in a plot twist, another reason why post-orgasm torture is so appealing is because, the acts that take place after climax, are usually extremely pleasurable before orgasm. This could be an arousing thought and practice merely because of the notion itself.

For female submissives, the most intense form of post-orgasm torture is for their partner to stimulate the clitoris. After climax, the clitoris can become extremely sensitive. For some, merely touching this part of the body can be painful.

Post orgasm torture (POT) is a BDSM practice that involves providing intense stimulation to the genitals after orgasm. This form of play usually involves using physical and psychological sensations to increase the intensity of the experience. It can include anything from spanking and flogging to pleasurable pain such as hot wax or pinching.

My favorite sessions in orgasm torture start out with lengthy hot sessions of getting fucked by your cock and a wide array of dildos, oral action, finger play, and toys. You can leave me unfulfilled for hours by taking me to the brink and then pulling away.

This is where you drive me crazy by pushing me to the brink and past and then doing it again and again. When my pussy is inflamed and so sensitive it hurts, you keep going with post orgasm torture. Using any number of methods to get me off even as I beg to be set free and cool down.

A forced orgasm is consensual BDSM or kinky sexual play whereby a person consents to be forced to orgasm in a way that is beyond their control. The person being brought to involuntary orgasm would typically be put in physical restraints to deprive them of the ability to control the onset and intensity of orgasm,[1] and to increase the feeling of helplessness,[2] a situation which some people find sexually arousing.[2]

With the consenting partner restrained and unable to stop being sexually stimulated, the active partner would stimulate their genitals and other erogenous zones until the bound partner is brought to orgasm, and sometimes beyond. The bound partner is open to a wide range of sexual stimulation, including vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Forced orgasms may be induced with manual stimulation of the genitals (in the form of a handjob or fingering). The stimulation may involve the use of vibrating sex toys, such as a vibrator, typically a wand vibrator.

Post-orgasm torture is a form of overst


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