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12 Year Girl Real Rape Video 3gp

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afghans are a civil peace loving people, . that give women no rights at all, rape and marry 10 year old girls,disfigure beat or kill them if they do not obey. ex: afghan in canada kills his daughters for acting out. yeah this is a peaceful people. we should leav and let u all rot in your own sewer of a country , and if one attack developes from afghanistan , we level the whole country. if u r an afghan, why dont u live in this great country u describe.. im done. u people make me sick

Ludhiana, January 9The Sadar police today arrested three youths for allegedly abducting a 19-year-old girl and stealing 330 gm of gold and Rs 6 lakh in cash from Alamgir village.The accused has been identified as Mandeep Singh, who is the resident of the same village.The incident took place seven days ago.DSP Narinderpal Singh said the accused had been nabbed and cash and gold ornaments had been recovered from their possession. He said the girl was handed over to his family.The DSP said the girl was supposed to get married on January 18 and her family had kept the cash and gold in the house for the purpose.Mandeep Singh, along with Talwinder Singh of Duley village and Amandeep Singh of Rangia village, hatched a conspiracy to abduct the girl.DSP said the girl was befriended by Mandeep and both of them eloped. The alleged elopement caused a lot of embarrassment to the girl's family. After receiving a tip-off that the youths were spotted at the Baddowal Railway Station, the police nabbed the accused. 153554b96e


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