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Scientific Beakers To Buy


Scientific Beakers To Buy

A great promotional shot glass for distilleries or tradeshow giveaways. Here are examples of 1 color custom printed promotional lab beakers we've done. Prices shown are for the beakers only. Print costs are listed in Related Products below.

REDEMPTION OF FREE PRODUCT AND COUPON OFFERSFrom time to time, LITTLE BEAKERS offers its clients special offers and discount codes to be used in conjunction with this website. These offers are frequently disseminated via this website and through email to those who have registered for our email database. They are sometimes posted on our home page ( or announced via other means of communication in conjunction with the promotion of the LITTLE BEAKERS product collection, including radio and TV broadcasts, internet forums and various online websites.We encourage our clients to redeem these special offers, but we respectfully ask that you not exploit them. LITTLE BEAKERS, at our sole discretion, will determine if all purchasing criteria has been met to qualify for stated discount or free product. If you successfully circumvent the software safeguards of this website in order to receive several free products with your order, then we will (at our sole discretion) remove any extraneous free product from your order or cancel the order in its entirety. You will be informed of any order changes via the phone number or email address listed with your order. Please, play fair\u2026

Uncover the hidden colors in plants, art supplies, and candies! This one-of-a-kind science kit is chock-full of high quality lab supplies for hundreds of exciting color-changing experiments. Kids will have hours of fun revealing rainbows of color using a cool scientific technique called paper chromatography!

CanadianMedHealthSupplies Low Form Griffin 1000mL Glass Beakers are made from the latest tubular glass form design methods. All beakers are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, extra thickness is built into the beaded rim, for an optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Spout is designed for optimum performance. Heavy construction is intended to prolong life expectancy for more aggressive usage. Using borosilicate 3.3 grade techniques, allows our beakers to be lighter than older form factor glassware, while still being as robust & tough, shatter resistant, heat resistant, and chemical resistant as older heavier grade science glassware models.

Our beakers feature white, permanent, & easy to read graduated measurements, easy to pour spouts and large marking squares. Beakers meet or exceed the specifications of all major brands of science glassware media on the market.

There are other features of beakers as well. Some beakers are disposable and are intended for one or limited use. Beakers are also marked with lines to indicate volume. However, these lines only represent approximate values and are not designed for accurate measurements. Some beakers also have handles.

Glass beakers are the most commonly used glass instrument in the lab. These cylindrical-shaped instruments have flat bottoms and usually a small beak or spout for pouring. Beakers are available in a wide range of materials and sizes ranging from one milliliter to several liters and are used to stir, heat, mix, measure, or dispense liquids. The diameter can run anywhere from 20 mm to 230 mm.

While the Phillips and Griffin beakers carry out the main functions, there are unique beakers, also known as Berzelius beakers, for titration experiments, Flatform beakers for hot bath heating, and plastic beakers for gamma spectral analysis.

There are mainly two types of beakers. These are known as low form beakers and tall form beakers. Low-form beakers are also known as Griffin beakers. Low-form beakers may have handles for easy pouring. Due to their low form, these wide flat bottom beakers are ideal for heating on a hot plate.

Tall form beakers are also known as Berzelius beakers. They are twice as tall as they are wide. These beakers have tapered sides, a spout for pouring, and a handle. Taller beakers are ideal for titrations.

Lab Pro offers glassware equipment such as beakers that are durable and sturdy. They all feature spots for marking and are easy to write on when labeling. The beakers are made with heavy and uniform wall thickness, spouts for controlled liquid flow, and beaded tops. They provide the optimum balance between heat and mechanical shock. Tolerance for the beakers is +/- 5%.

Lab Pro offers a large variety of glass beakers for all types of laboratories. For over 40 years, Lab Pro Inc. has been committed to delivering the highest quality chemicals, lab equipment, distance learning kits, lab supplies, and cleanroom PPE apparel to medical device companies and laboratories worldwide. To learn more, visit the biggest Lab Supply showroom in California, or contact us online or at 888-452-2776.

Hurst Scientific is a family owned company specialising in the distribution of a variety of essential scientific equipment, accessories, liquids and instruments. We supply products for use in microbiology and chemistry laboratories, such as beakers and other common apparatus required for experimentation.

At Hurst Scientific, we stock beakers with clear, printed graduations for more precise scientific measurements. Choose from a range of beakers to suit your application, including polypropylene beakers and glass beakers designed to withstand varying temperatures.

We supply beakers and other instruments including beaker and burette holders, bunsen burners, draining racks, flasks, funnels, measuring cylinders and scoops, stirring rods, spatulas, spoons and more.

We offer a complete range of Pyrex Heavy Duty Glass Beakers for use in the laboratory. Pyrex is a quality... Read more We offer a complete range of Pyrex Heavy Duty Glass Beakers for use in the laboratory. Pyrex is a quality brand favoured by scientists for over 100 years. This range of Heavy Duty Beakers are mechanically stronger than standard beakers and have been designed for longer life and increased user safety. Features include reinforced rims and spout which are less prone to breakage during washing etc.Thicker walls and heavier bases. All are manufactured from Pyrex borosilicate glass and include white graduations and marking spot. Available to buy online from

This is your basic beaker. Enamel graduations. All sizes have an extra-large marking spot. The 50-mL through 4-L size borosilicate glass beakers are graduated, metric scale, to indicate approximate volume.

Chemistry Glass beakers can be heated to much higher temperatures than the plastic beakers counterparts, while offering higher clarity for content visibility and measuring. Glass chemsitry lab beakers feature uniform sidewalls and bottom thicknesses with a flat bottom and a beak, or small spout, for easier pouring. Glass chemistry science beakers may have graduated markings on their side, though a graduated cylinder or volumetric flask is recommended for precise volume measurements.

Choose a few, large size glass beakers in the 200-500ml range, and also several 30-50ml beakers for small amounts of ingredients. We find the 250ml size useful as it is large enough for blending when making face oils or combining the water and oil phases of emulsions. They need to be lab quality, Borosilicate glass that resists chemical and acid degradation.

Glassware is an essential part of the everyday containers and utensils used in a laboratory. Beakers play a big role in lab work and particularly within chemistry labs. With a full range of different beakers available, each providing specific functions, it is essential for anybody working in a laboratory to know which beaker is fit for the task. Picking the correct beaker can facilitate the process and improve the chances of accurate test results.

Glass will always be an essential lab material because of its ability not to affect the samples or chemicals contained in the lab containers, and also withstands most chemical reactions. Glass is quite prone to breakage due to improper handling, exposure to chemicals, and elements such as heat, so care must be taken. Read on to learn all about laboratory beakers and their many uses!

Beakers have their main use. Phillips and Griffin beakers manage most of the daily lab use through measuring, mixing, containment, and decanting tasks within laboratory processes. Berzelius beakers are used for titration experiments where solutions are mixed to generate plenty of results. Flatform beakers are used for hot bath heating in your lab. Plastic beakers are used specifically to carry out gamma spectral analysis and similar experiments. You may be mistaken to use markings for accurate measurements, but graduated cylinders or flasks are used for accurate measurements.

Chemicals can be quite abrasive, and when using glassware, it is important to wash off any residue to help protect the glass, quality, and standards. Looking for the proper cleaning solutions that will ensure the cleaning process is effective is key. For any cleaning solutions, beakers, or lab equipment for your laboratory, come visit the Lab People today!

Engineered for maximum function, scientific glass are equipped with elaborate percolators to diffuse and filter your smoke. Along with innovative percs, scientific glass provides simple, proven designs that deliver highly-filtered hits and a sturdy presence on the table.

Pottery is an example of how studying artefacts opens windows into past cultures. Around 4,500 years ago, a new, bell-shaped pottery style appeared in Iberia, in present-day Spain and Portugal. These 'bell-beakers' quickly spread across Europe, reaching Britain fewer than 100 years later.

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