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Personify ( is an award-winning, globally recognized recruitment process outsourcing firm. Its multichannel recruitment approach combines industry expertise with data-driven analytics to deliver next-generation talent acquisition solutions. Personify transforms traditional and reactive talent acquisition approaches into progressive, proactive systems providing talent on demand. Personify's unique RPO solution scales with client hiring needs, mitigating the risks associated with fixed talent acquisition models and generating savings versus third-party agencies.



1727 "to attribute personal form to inanimate objects or abstractions" (especially as an artistic or literary technique), from person + -fy or from French personnifier (17c.), from personne. Meaning "to represent, embody" attested from 1806. Related: Personified; personifying.

"figure of speech or artistic representation in which something inanimate or abstract takes the form of a person," 1755, noun of action from personify. Sense of "embodiment of a quality in a person" is attested from 1807.

A JavaScript based library that allows easy access to IBM Watson features utilizing Twitter data. IBM Watson has some of the most advanced linguistic analytics tools available today. Twitter is one of the world's most popular text-based communication platforms. Leverage the power of both with minimal effort through personify.js. 041b061a72


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