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An unmarried Certificate is required to apply for any government or private job. There are numerous aspirants who are preparing for the various government job examinations and some of the jobs required to have an unmarried certificate like Defence, Army, and others. For a certain job, it is compulsory to have an unmarried certificate otherwise the candidate will not be eligible to apply for the job post. An unmarried certificate determines the person is single by matrimonial status.

Other religious ceremonies require Civil Registration. If you are a Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu you must hold the religious ceremony first, then record the marriage with the Civil Registry Office (Dinas Kependudukan or Kantor Catatan Sipil). The Civil Registry will issue a Marriage Certificate (Akte Perkawinan or Surat Nikah), which is evidence of a legally valid marriage with a non-Muslim.

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The United States generally recognizes the validity of marriages legally registered in Indonesia. However, you cannot register your marriage in the United States through a U.S. Embassy, as marriage is a state-specific responsibility. If you would like to register your marriage in the United States, please contact the Attorney General in your state of residence for requirements. Some states may require your Indonesian marriage certificate/book to be certified.

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