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Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist Crack 1.03


Repack is based on Steam-rip v1.03: 19.7 GBThe crack v1.03 from RELOADED is installed, an alternative from 3DM is available in the NoDVD folder after installing the repackThere is also a cure for 3DM for version 1.02, which can work without Internet accessInstalled Catspaw Unlocker (with fix from DZ87) and Proper Launcher (from supraspecies) that unlock DLC and allow you to play normally with DX11Both released DLCs are turned on and activated: High Power Pack and Homeland100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: after installation, all files are identical to the original release with a bit accuracy (not counting deleted sounds)Removed all voiceovers except Russian and English, NOTHING is recodedThe ability not to download or install unnecessary voice actingCompression has been significantly improved (from 19.7 to 11.3 GB for any single voice acting)Installation takes: 12 minutes on 8 cores; 20 minutes on 4 cores; up to 40 minutes on 2 coresAfter installation, the game takes up to 19 GBAfter installation, the option to check the checksums of all files is available to ensure that the repack is installed normallyLanguage (separately voice acting, subtitles and interface) are changed in the game settings - the first time you select the difficulty at the very beginning of the gameThe repack uses the pZlib library from Razor12911ATTENTION! Crack version v1.03 works ONLY with Internet access, without it it crashes every 20 minutes. Therefore, if you have a firewall, add the files "Blacklist_DX11_game.exe" and "Blacklist_game.exe" in the folder "SRCSYSTEM" to the firewall exceptions. If access to the Network cannot be ensured, use the 3DM crack for version 1.02, but note that it is not fully compatible with the rest of the game files and there may be problems in passing

AVISO: Con el crack 1.03 que viene aplicado por defecto el juego debe estar conectado a internet cuando se este jugando o de lo contrario el juego se cerrara cada 20 minutos debido que el crack no removió la protección completamente. 153554b96e


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