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After I had finished a tool I made in FreePascal (using Lazarus IDE), I gave it to a few people to use (and test) it. Some of my friends have 1080p-monitors, some have 2160p monitors while one still has an 720p Monitor. My Problem is, that the tool is too big (talking about size of UI not filesize) for the 720p monitor but could be too small for people with higher monitors (2160p).

After installing Windows 7 RC, about a 30 minute process, one fired up Windows Media Center. Setup of the TV tuner was pretty automated, a few clicks here and there and it was ready to go. Scanning the cable connection for channels took the longest amount of time, a good 15 minutes. At this point all of the analog cable channels worked perfectly. However, Mediacom simulcasts the local channels in 720p or 1080i in unencrypted QAM256. Media Center did not immediately acknowledge the existence of these channels. They were not even in the TV Guide configuration menu. However, there is a manual channel adding option, which is what one had to use. After adding the channels, and associating them with the proper channel listing in the TV Guide everything was a go.

An S905 can almost handle 1080p HEVC in software so MPEG2 at 720p/1080i should be do-able. It would still be nicer to have proper hardware decoding.. but that needs someone to take an interest in the vdec code. MPEG2 isn't a complex driver, and it's likely broken due to a few small changes due to general V4L2 evolution since it was first written, but we're approaching three years since someone last seriously looked at the code and it appears nobody (who can code) cares enough to look. 59ce067264


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