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Zero-G Nostalgia: A Retro Sound Library for Modern Producers

If you are looking for a versatile and comprehensive collection of vintage sounds for your music production, you might want to check out Zero-G Nostalgia. This is a sound library that features over 1.3 GB of samples from classic synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, basses, drums, and more. You can use it with any VSTi, DXi, RTAS, or AU compatible host software, or load it into the included Native Instruments Intakt player.

Zero-G Nostalgia offers four sound modules: Analog, Digital, Vintage String & Bass Synths, and Vintage Drums. Each module contains hundreds of presets that cover a wide range of genres and styles, from synth-pop to ambient, from rock to hip-hop. You can tweak the sounds using the intuitive interface that lets you adjust parameters such as filter, envelope, LFO, effects, and more. You can also layer up to four sounds together to create rich and complex textures.

One of the highlights of Zero-G Nostalgia is the quality of the samples. They are recorded from original hardware devices using high-end converters and preamps. The result is a crisp and authentic sound that captures the character and warmth of the vintage instruments. You can hear the subtle nuances and imperfections that make each sound unique and expressive.

Zero-G Nostalgia is a sound library that will inspire you to create nostalgic and retro-flavored music with a modern twist. Whether you want to recreate the sounds of the 70s, 80s, or 90s, or mix them with contemporary elements, you will find plenty of options in this library. You can get it now as a hybrid DVD-ROM that contains both audio and data files for easy installation and use.

Zero-G Nostalgia is not only a sound library, but also a creative tool that allows you to manipulate and transform the sounds in various ways. You can use the built-in effects such as chorus, delay, reverb, distortion, and more to add depth and dimension to your sounds. You can also use the modulation matrix to assign any parameter to any controller, such as velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, or MIDI CC. This way, you can add movement and expression to your sounds and make them more dynamic and responsive.

Another feature of Zero-G Nostalgia is the time-stretching and pitch-shifting engine that lets you adjust the tempo and pitch of the sounds independently. You can use this to match the sounds to your project's BPM and key, or to create interesting variations and effects. You can also use the loop mode to play the sounds as loops and sync them to your host's tempo. This is useful for creating rhythmic patterns and sequences with the sounds.

Zero-G Nostalgia is a sound library that will appeal to both beginners and advanced users. It is easy to use and navigate, thanks to the clear and user-friendly interface. It is also flexible and powerful, thanks to the extensive editing and modulation options. It is a sound library that will provide you with endless possibilities and inspiration for your music production. a474f39169


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