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Defendant would have us believe that he is the bad guy in this case, and that the real bad guys are these wicked people who slaughter the animals in the feed barn for the purpose of making and selling crush videos. But the video of this murder is graphic.

The defendant was the only witness to testify to this crime. He said [84 Cal. App. 4th 1070] it was the first time he had videotaped animals. Unfortunately for him, the videotape was not played for the jury, because the tape malfunctioned.

After viewing the videotape, Detective Scroggins testified that he could say when the act of killing happened, it was the last piece he was going to purchase. Scroggins said he bought the crushed animals and the videotape, which he said is out on the internet, for $100. They were like pinkies, I wanted to use them as a collection. I was hoping it would go viral.

Trial Judge David Huff ordered all videotapes in evidence destroyed. He did not, however, order the live victim animals destroyed. Instead, on February 1, 2001, the trial judge signed an order that the following orders be served in this case:

[1] The animal cruelty case against Chaffin is being stayed because it is currently pending in federal court. All orders previously issued by this Court are hereby vacated, and the defendant is permitted to serve any and all orders that may be issued by the appropriate federal judge. d2c66b5586


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