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On June 4, 1907, the three-story annex (later renamed the Bourne Building) on the northwest corner of the lot which had undergone similar modifications as the original Singer Building was also shored up and pilings were driven into the mudflats. This allowed an additional six stories to be constructed above the seven story of the old Bourne building. This 1934 addition of six bays was built with the same infrastructure as the earlier three-story extension of the old Singer Building, allowing for a continuous penthouse on the top nine stories. The old building's top three stories gained a new facade, while the old 11th story (now the 13th and new addition's 12th story) was lowered by a column to match the new mezzanine floor.[23][40]

The Singer Building was painted red for the first time in 1909. A 10-story "Tower of Song" was painted on the base of the building on October 17, 1908. This “Tower of Song” was brought down in April, 1912, and was reassembled in December of the same year.

The structure was partially modified from 1914 to 1917. The 1911 conversion of the east and west street elevation to a central tower with an open-bay section in the middle of the building was completed on March 15, 1917. This addition had a span of 171 feet (52.4 m) and reached a height of 115 feet (35 m). The tower contained a lobby and elevator, and storage space for ice used for shipping.[51] The elevator was a single-width, vertical drum connected to the base of the building by a cantilevered sling. The original street elevations were again removed in 1921 as part of a general modification of the front of the building. This allowed a single-story addition at the northwest corner of the lot. d2c66b5586


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