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Edison Chen Scandal Pictures Full Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!


Edison Chen Scandal Pictures Full Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

The Edison Chen scandal became the top news item in Hong Kong for the week of 25 June 2009. HK01 News and other media outlets recorded the highest TV ratings in history for the week. The Edison Chen scandal is in deep concern to the people of Hong Kong. Many people believe he has done something wrong, but a few have sympathy for him. A survey was conducted in mid-June asking the public their opinion. More than 70% agreed and agreed that Edison Chen should resign as an actor. An overwhelming majority said if Edison Chen retires from acting, they would follow him, and more than 90% felt that a person who confesses publicly to having sex with women would deserve to be punished. Only 5% agreed that his crime was not very serious, and only 1% agreed that he should not go to jail. The public felt that the Edison Chen scandal may have damaged Hong Kong's reputation or image, especially as it was the topic of the gossip columns for 6 weeks. More than 90% thought that the influence of the scandal on Hong Kong's citizens had been completely negative. A large majority said they felt that the affair was a private issue that had no effect on their own lives. They believed that the public interest law was not breached, because no law was breached. As a result, the Hong Kong Democrats, the largest political party of the pro-democracy camp, suspended their legislative council representative, Edison Chen, from his position as an elected lawmaker. Chen was also stripped of his position as chairman of the Convening Committee of the Legislative Council until the end of this year.

In late March, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor expressed sympathy for Edison Chen.[65][66] On 20 May, Lam Cheng announced that February was a \"very difficult month' for the city, with the Edison Chen scandal being the major news focus.\" Losing valuable economic and social resources, Hong Kong's Innovation and Technology Bureau conducted a survey to determine the engineering industry's confidence in Hong Kong. The survey showed that 45% of the industry participants were \"seriously concerned\" about the Edison Chen scandal, a massive increase from the 6.1% in August 2007. Many employers canceled recruitment activities, while many engineers left the city and went back home for a while or overseas.[68][69] d2c66b5586


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