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For people who use Microsoft applications on a very small scale, the archive file (.zip) may not be all that important. I know that most people only use compressed file installations when they are upgrading from or looking at old versions of this product. Sometimes people uninstall a software program, and then have the space to create a Zip archive for that program. Of course, for people who have a huge program installed, you should use a Zip file, because it will greatly reduce the size of the file.

Instead of downloading a huge Word document from the Internet when you only need 10 pages, you can create a Zip archive, and save only those 10 pages. That way, you can bring your archive with you, to easily print from wherever you like.

And if you are just looking for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other office productivity tools, then it is best to just get the Microsoft Office Standard 2010 installer. This is a single file installer that install Office on to your PC.

After you install Office on your PC, and you get started, you notice that when you open folders in the Office, many of them are not separated into files. Instead, they're all lumped into one large file, like this one. That's because the Office applications create.docx,.xlsx, and.pptx files directly to their folder. What your PC really sees, then, is these big files, rather than the folders.

When you select a file in the folder you created in Documents, Microsoft Office loads all the data of that file into your computer. It saves this data as three separate files, instead of just one. d2c66b5586


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