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HD Online Player (Straight Outta Compton Movie Downloa)

HD Online Player (Straight Outta Compton Movie Downloa) >>>

HD Online Player (Straight Outta Compton Movie Downloa)

sly stallones own words with his deposition in the lawsuit echoes leahers statement, on the dangers of online piracy. i dont think that this is a leisure activity, he told the court in chicago. ill happily take the record but i dont think its a leisure thing. ill happily take the money but im not pleased that people are stealing. i know im competing against studios who dont have to worry about product, all they worry about is what kind of notoriety or what publicity they can get out of making a movie or beating somebody else by a dollar amount. the extra merchandising that comes with a movie is their only worry. id rather see that product get ripped off because its affecting everybody else and still being played in theatres and distributed to pay channels. thats a much better situation for everybody.

n.w.a followed up straight outta compton with straight outta gary, an odd track from f.a.m.e. that seemed to be directed at the group that signed their contracts but didn't release them. on the way there, compton was the hot spot of the movie

straight outta compton was our first film; our first major motion picture. it was a true defining moment. we have a duty to make sure that this is the precedent. to have n.w.a back on the streets was great, cause we cant be n.a. for only two reasons. so not only was our life for real, our music was for real. our dreams were for real. and you cant just write songs about dreams. dreams are only alive in the mind. but music doesnt live in the mind and neither does film.

the movie took place in n.w.a's central base in compton, california; the city where they had their first major label distribution deal. the homes featured in the video were in the area, including a brick one with bullet holes in the bedroom door. throughout their film, they showed the life of an average teenager, ghetto life, gang life, drug life, guns, police, violence, nearly everyone out of school, being victimized, being in poverty and so on. 3d9ccd7d82


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