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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

The Luck Of The Irish 2021

"The luck of the Irish" means that Irish people are inherently lucky and fortunate, according to Writing Explained. While Irish people wear signs of luck year round, around St. Patrick's Day Americans tend to see more symbols of luck than usual.

The Luck of the Irish

For Match Day today, Baily Nagle, vice president of her graduating class at Harvard Medical School, will be celebrating "the luck of the Irish" on St. Patrick's Day that allowed her to match into her chosen specialty and top choice of residency programs: anesthesia at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Asim Ansari was one of the unlucky ones. As Medscape Medical News reported last week, Ansari was trying to match for the fifth time. He was unsuccessful in doing so again this year in the Match and SOAP. Still, he was offered and accepted a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City. Psychiatry was his chosen specialty, so he was "feeling good. It's a nice place to go to do the next two years."

The Crusaders are led by Bronagh Power-Cassidy, who was named Patriot League Tournament MVP for her efforts in leading Holy Cross to the championship and a berth in the NCAA Tourney. Friday is St. Patrick's Day and Power-Cassidy is from Dublin, Ireland, so the Crusaders will be looking for a little luck of the Irish in trying to knock of the 2-seed Terrapins.

"Bronagh had an incredible Patriot League Tournament," said head coach Maureen Magarity. "She made some amazing plays and tough shots. You know, the luck of the Irish, playing on St. Patrick's Day, you know, we have a lot on our side, so hopefully that'll help."

"Hopefully the luck of the Irish is with me," Power-Cassidy said. "It's incredible the fact that it's all lined up, like this is so exciting. I know my parents are over the moon, they're so excited for me."

As the evil leprechaun Seamus McTiernen, Omundson stole the lucky gold coin that sends Kyle Johnson on an adventure, discovering the truth about his family's Irish roots. However, since then, Omundson has gone to make numerous television appearances, including on the shows Cold Case, Without a Trace, Supernatural, American Housewife, Psych and Lucifer. After experiencing a stroke in 2017, the actor has been recovering and looking for the next perfect role. 041b061a72


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