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[S1E3] Oven Space

Gene Roddenberry made an uncredited audio cameo as the cook (or mess officer) who exclaims that the turkey-shaped meatloaf in the galley ovens has turned into real turkeys. This was his only appearance in The Original Series.[3]

[S1E3] Oven Space

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The first is that it makes it very clear that the wedding between King Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower has gone very well considering that he now has the son he'd been wanting for so long and there appears to be another bun in Alicent's oven. The couple also seems to actually like each other, which continues to be a very strong departure from the series that came before it. While House of the Dragon still deals with arranged marriages and some of those pairings not being sought after by both people involved, Viserys has obviously cared for both of his wives and is caring and loving because of that. The show that came before it made it very clear that these arranged marriages often went very poorly.

Minh is a home baker from Michigan. She works in aerospace and defense and is obsessed with Halloween, because she loves scary people! She started baking when she was a little girl, but Minh took up cookie decorating, because she wanted to do something special for her daughter when she was born. For Halloween, Minh likes making very realistic scary cookies. In fact, she has made cookies frightening enough to make her throw them away.

Suddenly, Superboy smells smoke, sending Miss Martian flying off to the kitchen, where she removes a tray of carbonized cookies from the oven. Kid Flash chomps one to console Miss Martian, prompting a faint smile from her.

The episode started with Rick checking into the intriguingly named 25 Hour Bikini Hotel, before heading to the Nobelhart and Schmutzig Restaurant with Billy Wagner to try smoked eel with jelly and radish shoots, barbecued baby leeks with speck lard and crushed fennel seeds, barbecued and oven baked saddleback pork neck with blanched salad leaves, crushed pine needles and reduced pork stock and lightly seared wild trout with smoked mashed potato and puréed kale. 041b061a72


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