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What is a corner kick bet? Share experiences in analyzing corner kick bets.

Learn about what a corner kick bet is and share experiences in analyzing corner kick bets in today's article by Sen Tay Ho. Follow the article to find out more. What is a corner kick bet? When you first hear about it, it might seem unfamiliar to those who are not well-versed in online football betting. Most newcomers may not know or pay attention to this type of bet.

But in reality, this type of bet is consistently offered by bookmakers alongside other types of bets such as Asian Handicap, Asian Handicap, or Over/Under. This is a type of bet that is very easy for all sports bettors, and the odds for this bet are also very high. So, what is a corner kick bet? We invite you to find out in the article below, which includes, to supplement your knowledge with the most accurate corner kick betting information.

What is a corner kick bet?

A corner kick bet, also known as a corners bet, differs from other forms of betting that primarily focus on match scores. When betting on corner kicks, you don't need to pay attention to the match score. Instead, your sole concern is predicting the correct total number of corner kicks and other corner kick variations.

Additionally, some betting site wintips offer side bets related to corner kicks, such as which team will take the first corner kick or which team will take the last one. Depending on the characteristics of the tournament, bookmakers will offer different corner kick bets, and the corresponding odds will be balanced for each type of bet. If you make an accurate prediction, the winnings from this type of bet can be substantial.

Most Accurate Corner Kick Betting Strategies

Although corner kick bets are simple and easy to play for most sports enthusiasts, many people still lose their bets due to inaccurate analysis. Below are some of the most effective corner kick betting strategies shared by many people today. Feel free to consider them.

Analyzing corner kick odds based on team strength

When participating in any type of betting, it's essential to research and understand key information about the strength of the two teams involved. In a match where both teams tend to attack, the team with the superior offense is more likely to have more corner kicks. Therefore, pay attention to the forwards of the team you're betting on and assess their performance in terms of creating corner kick opportunities.

In cases where the home team is weaker and plays with a defensive counter-attacking strategy, and the attacks by the home team result in goals, their chances of getting corner kicks will be much lower compared to the stronger away team. Conversely, the away team is more likely to play an aggressive attacking style to find goals, resulting in more corner kicks.

When watching the match live, combine the information you have with what you observe on the field. Clearly document the shooting performance of the players in recent matches and then analyze the corner kick bet offered by the bookmakers.

Corner kick betting based on time intervals

This is a practical and highly effective corner kick betting strategy that top experts use in most of their bets. In matches with a fast-paced attacking rhythm from the beginning, there are often corner kicks within a few minutes.

For instance, if there's a corner kick in the first few minutes of the match, it's likely that there will be more corner kicks. Keep in mind that this is a crucial time interval for accurately assessing corner kick bets in a match. If the match reaches the 10th to 15th minute without any corner kicks, there will likely be fewer corner kicks. At this point, you can base your bet on the game's dynamics to make a more precise decision.

Using this time-based corner kick betting strategy is suitable for placing bets on Over/Under corner kick bets offered by bookmakers. If a match exhibits the characteristics mentioned above, choosing either Over or Under can be a reasonable decision.


In this article, we've explained what a corner kick bet is and provided guidance on how to analyze corner kick bets in detail, including various types of bets like Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and effective betting strategies. We hope that the information and experiences we've shared will help you enjoy soccer tips betting and achieve the best possible profits.


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