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Basic Football Techniques You Must Know

Football is always considered the king of sports, captivating millions of fans worldwide with its undeniable allure. Whether you're playing professionally or just for fun, mastering the basic football techniques is essential. So, don't miss out on the following football prediction win

For football specifically, you will need to perform warm-up exercises such as:

Warm-up is the first basic technique in football

Jogging in place, thigh raises Slow jogging: at this time, you should keep your head and torso naturally straight, relax your muscles as much as possible. Aim your body straight when jogging slowly and land with your entire foot from heel to toe. Rotating your body: this movement helps warm up the muscles when playing football. Stretching: stretching your muscles before playing football will help players avoid cramps or unnecessary injuries on the field.

Basic Football Techniques – Dribbling Technique

Ball Control Technique – Helping You Control the Ball Better When it comes to teaching football techniques, you can't ignore ball control techniques. Good training in receiving and controlling the ball will give you opportunities to dribble, feint, and score goals. If you're a football player, you definitely need to know the two most basic ball control techniques:

Basic Football Techniques – Ball Control Technique

Control with the sole of the foot: the player extends the foot to make contact with the ball, when the ball touches the foot, it will slightly move backward to reduce the ball's momentum, then direct the ball as desired. Ball control with the instep: at this time, the foot is raised parallel to the ground, making contact with the ball and then pulling the foot back to reduce the ball's momentum. The instep and the inside of the foot are the two best points of contact with the ball. This basic football technique is used when your teammate passes long or when the ball drops freely. You might be interested in: Essential Dribbling Techniques in football prediction site

Shooting Technique Already a skilled football player will definitely know how to shoot the ball powerfully and correctly. The 4 basic steps of shooting are: approach, shooting posture, shooting, and follow-through. Players can perform shooting with the inside or outside of the foot, or shoot with the instep depending on the situation to catch and score for their team.

Passing Technique Basic football techniques – Passing technique is a way to help players cooperate, smoothly transfer the ball between positions. Depending on different attacking situations in the match, long and short passes will vary. Basically, there are 4 passing techniques applied: short pass, long pass, through pass, and lob pass.

Movement Technique In this king of sports, movement technique will help players take firm steps and is also a very important factor to perform other techniques well. Typically, there are 4 basic techniques as follows:

Walking: Although it sounds simple, walking on the field not only helps players recover but also gives them the opportunity to observe, analyze, and evaluate the current situation on the field. Running: This technique includes various forms of running such as zigzag, regular running, sprinting backward. At this time, players' steps will be short, the center of gravity kept low, and both hands swung horizontally to maintain balance. Changing direction: this basic football technique is used when players want to transition from defensive to offensive or vice versa. This requires them to be flexible and adaptable due to common situations with high intensity.

Jumping: This technique is used when players need to intercept the ball in the air. To accurately catch the ball in this case, you need good jumping power, good running speed, and accurate prediction of the ball's landing point. Dribbling Technique – Getting Past Opponents This technique is highly appreciated in professional players. If you pay attention, you'll notice that world-famous players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar all have exceptional dribbling abilities. Executing this football skill well will help you easily bypass opponents, dribble the ball, and then create scoring opportunities for your team. Common dribbling techniques that most players use include foot rotation, step-over, and rollovers.

Marking Technique – Disrupting Opponents To use football tips yesterday marking techniques to help you steal the ball and disrupt dangerous opponent moves, you need to do the following:

Quickly close down opponents to apply pressure on them and then approach to mark them closely, but not rush to steal the ball. Reduce speed: after successfully closing down the opponent and holding the ball, you should not rush to steal the ball because that will make it easy for you to be beaten. Therefore, you need to reduce your speed, take small steps, keep your eyes focused on the ball's direction, and put pressure on your opponents as much as possible. This will easily make the opponent make mistakes. Force the angle: these situations are applied to dangerous ball situations in front of the goal. Defenders will often avoid contact when the ball appears in the box, so players need to quickly force the angle to limit the opponent's chances of attacking again. You need to stick to the player, block all directions that the opponent can move to force them to carry the ball away from your goal. Dribbling and Feinting Technique This is considered a basic football technique, but not every player can dribble skillfully and effectively without being redundant or wasteful. Common dribbling feinting techniques include:

Heading with the side of the forehead: at this time, players use the side of the forehead to make contact with the ball. The characteristic of this technique is that the ball's force is very strong, and the trajectory of the ball's flight is unpredictable.


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