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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

FSX ProFlight Emulator: Voice Set Expansion Pack (FSX FS2004) PATCHED Free Download

A: If you downloaded PFE version from Aerosoft between 27th June 2008 and 1st July 2008 please go to your Aerosoft account and download it again. Uninstall PFE from your system then reinstall using the new download. Unfortunately there were a number of files missed from the install install pack. If you have the new expanded voice pack install you do not need to uninstall that.

FSX ProFlight Emulator: Voice Set Expansion Pack (FSX FS2004) Free Download

This is a comment on the missions now sold by Steam for FSX-SE:The 20-pack of missions (Dangerous Approaches) now released by Steam are certainly fun and sometimes difficult to fly, but in reality they are not much more than Free Flights. They are, however, not just approaches, but incorporate the whole flight from an airport to another, sometimes as long as three hours.The mission maker has decided that you shouldn't use FSX ATC (with all its inherent problems), so you are free to navigate from airport to airport. A few of the missions include "ATC-like" comments at the beginning, but for most of them it's just "take off and fly".Default aircraft are used throughout, so you needn't download any extra planes.A note for those who have installed Aerosoft's LuklaX: the mission to Lukla uses the default airport, so you'll have to remove the LuklaX scenery before flying.In all, quite amusing, but not as much fun as I had hoped. There is another mission pack out (Cargo Crew), which promises at least one in-flight problem to handle. Maybe I'll fork out 20 Euro for that later...

A number of websites are dedicated to providing users with add-on files (such as airplanes from actual airlines, airport utility cars, actual buildings located in specific cities, textures, and city files). The wide availability over the internet of freeware add-on files for the simulation package has encouraged the development of a large and diverse virtual community, linked up by design group and enthusiast message boards, online multiplayer flying, and 'virtual airlines'. The internet has also facilitated the distribution of 'payware' add-ons for the simulator, with the option of downloading the files, which reduces distribution costs.


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