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[S9E3] And All That Jazzzzzzz

It's spring in Poplar, and you know what that means: it's time for Phyllis to visit the school to see its community garden and check on their vaccinations. It's kind of cool that they can just make every student follow a heavily tested life-saving protocol; makes you think! Today we meet two new students: brothers called Rahul and Jalal. These adorable scamps just recently emigrated from Sylhet in East Pakistan, and have a great grasp of English thanks to their mom. Their vaccination records are a little funky, and while Phyllis can see that they've got scarring consistent with vaccinations it's impossible to say what for. Thankfully, Phyllis LOVES to follow up on things, so they should be all set.

[S9E3] And All That Jazzzzzzz

Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Rahul and Jalal: Phyllis tells their teacher that she's concerned because they look a little underfed and have shabby clothes. Have we met their mother? Oddly, no: the teacher says that usually families emigrate as a unit, so it's weird that mom is still an unknown quantity. Dad brought the kids on the first day, but they've taken themselves ever since. Simpler times!

Over at Nonnatus, the show writers are gearing up for the big emotional manipulation of this episode: the nuns are atwitter with excitement because Cyril has planned a special surprise date for Lucille. Am I very invested in their love story? YES. Will I riot if something tragic and horrible happens to them? ALSO YES. Do I really want a cute overdone proposal moment despite personally despising that sh*t? HECK YES.

Next up on Shelagh's list of people to ask about this incubator thing? Violet, who it turns out is a bit busy between the council stuff and the spring rush on clothes alterations. But don't worry, Violet isn't too busy to help out, and she's already found a matching fund that will double any donations they get. She also suggests that they do a fashion show, since Trixie is involved and clearly the most bougie of them all. Shelagh of course loves this idea, but points out the big dilemma: where will we get the clothes?

Project Runway: Poplar ahoy! The squad has started to sort through donated clothes to figure out how they can be updated into stylish swinging 60s gear. Lest you assume they're not considering marketing, they also come up with a bomb tagline: "Style on a Shoestring." And speaking of stylish, Lucille is heading out on a date with Cyril and wearing a truly baller outfit that I very much want to own. I'm glad they rescheduled that date, and that Lucille has adjusted to #SidecarLife.

Phyllis gives Dr. Turner the lowdown on Farzina Mohammed: Phyllis couldn't do a full examination, but her skin is wrecked all the way down her leg, and the whole flat smells horribly of urine. Apparently, that sort of thing can be caused by a severe, untreated UTI (thanks for the horrible revelation, Dr. Turner), but it's probably something worse. Phyllis and Dr. Turner make a plan: they'll drop by Farzina's house after clinic tomorrow so they can hopefully convince her to come into the clinic for an exam.

Lucille is delighted: the food tastes like home! Cyril destroys the Best Boyfriend competition, telling her that he's missed her, but that working hard and kicking butt is why they're here; certainly not for the weather (ZING). Lucille tells him about the annoying racist lady at the hospital, and Cyril commiserates and then does this:

Back at St. Cuthberts, the nervous first-time mum is trying to refuse to go home. Lucille gently reminds her that this isn't a hotel, and her bed is needed. It's time to go! Unfortunately, Mrs. Racist is still there, and she's in bad shape. She's clearly in pain and is refusing treatment from Lucille, trying to get her to clean up, instead. Lucille stands up for herself, and Mrs. Racist hops out of bed to better argue with Lucille. Now that she's up, it's clear that she's in labor.

The wheelchair isn't very comfortable, and in even worse news, the elevator is stuck. Lucille, always a quick thinker, bangs on the wall to get someone's attention, and tells the nurse outside to go get help. She then starts preparing to deliver the baby in the lift, because she knows just as well as the rest of us that Call The Midwife would eventually add "elevator baby" to the BINGO card. Mrs. Racist is NOT happy. The fire brigade arrives, and while they can break open the door, they can't open the interior cage or shift the elevator down enough to get the ladies out yet.

Now that things are getting serious, Mrs. Racist seems more willing to befriend Lucille. She mentions that she's had her other babies at home, and hates the hospital, where she feels infantilized by being told what to do, and then blames her discomfort for how she treated Lucille. Seems like kind of a cop out, but Lucille is prepared to let bygones be bygones since the baby's arrival is imminent. Mrs. Racist is freaking out, but Lucille reminds her that she's had two babies before and will do just fine. Lucille is, as usual, right: we got a baby! Mrs. Racist apologizes, and just in time: the elevator is moving again. WHEW.

All's well that ends well: Lucille makes the paper, and deflects attention because she's FAR too humble for how awesome she is. Case in point: she's realized a flaw in their system: when people come back to Poplar from St. Cuthbert's, Nonnatus should get a copy of their chart so they can check in like they did with Worried First Time Mom. Obviously that's a great idea, so Sister Julienne agrees to start setting it up. Lucille also tells Sister Julienne that while she's glad she had a rotation at the hospital, she'll be happy to be back next week in a more informal setting.

Bruce and Kris discuss their future while Khloé and Lamar's relationship continues to decline. Kris and Bruce decide to separate, but not divorce, and the Jenner and Kardashian children acknowledge the effect that the separation will have on Kendall and Kylie.

Rob tells Khloé that she has the option of moving in with him. Kris thinks about going on Broadway. Scott leaves for Las Vegas for a business trip, but when Kourtney sees an advertisement that says he's hosting a party at a club in Las Vegas, she surprises him by traveling there, and finds out that he was lying about the business trip. Scott learns that while she does not expect a lot, Kourtney expects him to be honest.

Kanye's assistant tells Kris that Kanye has a surprise for Kim's birthday. Kris is tired of having Kim take over her house, and Kendall and Kylie are tired of Kim making changes to the many comforts in it, and they confront Kim about it when they find out that she will be staying with them for months more, because the house will not be ready soon. Kourtney and Khloé get some revenge on Kim when she continues criticizing them on what they wear.

Kourtney wants to have a Kardashian yard sale. Kendall starts planning for her 18th birthday celebration and Kris and Bruce clash when Kendall expresses her desire on moving out. Bruce feels that his upcoming birthday does not need to be acknowledged.

Khloé decides that she has to choose where she wants her relationship with Lamar to go. After having to deal with the news of his mother, Kourtney plans a vacation for her and Scott to help him with his parents' deaths. Rob gets himself checked out from the doctor after his weight concerns the family.

The family begins to worry as Kourtney is showing a lack of emotions. Khloé's house has sold and it's time for her to move out. Kris tries to show Kim that she still has what it takes to be a good mom and manager.

Now that Kris and Bruce do not live under the same roof, Kris reaches out to him because she feels he is getting lonely. Kourtney learns that Scott's late parents have left a painting, which is thought to be an original Modigliani.

While Khloé anticipates her move, she realizes that she has been burglarized. Bruce encourages Brody for a golf tournament. Kourtney, Kim and Khloé head to the Big Apple to do a surprise DASH drop-by.

Kris hopes to end her mother's crucial pains by giving her Medical cannabis. Scott ends up drunk yet again while on a trip to Miami. Khloé is willing to let Kourtney be her interior designer, but changes her mind once she realizes that her sister designs at a high price.

When Kourtney and Kim discover that Khloé has been hanging out with a new crowd, they intend to dig deeper into her life. Kris and Kim's arguments about Kim's wedding causes her to move out and live with Kourtney.

Zipp Storm notices some of her fellow Pegasi struggling to fly while she has already become an expert at it. When she suggests that someone should teach them, her friends get the idea of opening a flight school, with Zipp as the reluctant instructor. She gives lessons to a group of Pegasi over the course of a day, but they show little improvement.

Hitch tells them to simply be honest with Izzy and give her a thoughtful gift. To that end, Sunny, Pipp, and Zipp present Izzy with her own things so she does not have to keep using theirs. Izzy admits she was just using her friends' things in order to fit in with them. Feeling guilty about not being honest with Izzy, Sunny and the others tell her she does not need to try to fit in; she is already perfect the way she is.

Zipp Storm follows Pipp and assures her that, regardless of her one mistake, she has brought style and confidence to her many other customers. Reassured of herself, Pipp goes back inside the salon to correct the mistake she made to Phyllis' mane, making it exactly how it looked when she first walked in. Satisfied with Pipp's styling, Phyllis gives Mane Melody a five-star review. Zipp, proud of her sister, allows Pipp to style her mane.

Hitch Trailblazer is in the middle of giving his friends a tour of Maretime Bay when Izzy Moonbow accidentally activates and gets trapped inside one of the old unicorn box traps that were thought to have disabled. When the box's release button does not work, Hitch considers cancelling the tour, but his friends convince him not to when Izzy uses her magic to levitate the box and the others tie it to a rope leash. 041b061a72


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