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Yamaha Golf Cart Serial Number Jg5-h2110-20

At Carts Gone Wild we hear all types of questions about golf carts and golf cart maintenance. One of the most questioned topics is BATTERIES! Battery type, battery maintenance, & battery age are the three most questioned areas. The batteries are obviously the most important aspect of an electric vehicle. Understanding what type of battery to use in your cart, knowing how to maintain them properly, and being able to identify how old the batteries are can help you add and understand the value or your cart. In this blog, we will discuss these three areas and help share our knowledge to help you better understand your cart!

Yamaha Golf Cart Serial Number Jg5-h2110-20

Maintain Battery Terminals: Clean and tight battery terminals are very important to the performance of the golf car and to battery longevity. With the battery caps on, pour a supersaturated mixture of baking soda and water onto any corrosion that naturally occurs in these electric carts. After the baking solution has had time to eat away at the corrosion, spray the battery pack off with a garden house. When the battery terminals are dry, check the tightness of the nut on top of the cable. A loose cable will ruin a battery and may melt the battery post causing you to have to replace a battery. After tightening the battery terminals, apply a battery terminal protector to the terminals. This spray-on solution will minimize the amount of corrosion on the battery terminals. Spray it on the hold down rods to keep them from corroding as well. You can get this at your local auto store. Do not over-tighten the terminals. That may break off the terminal.

A common question we get, and something we see people often confused by when purchasing used from individuals, is how to tell the age of batteries in an electric golf cart. There are several ways you should be able to easily tell how old batteries are. Most batteries are stamped on the post with a letter followed by a number. The letter indicates the month it was manufactured (A=Jan. B=Feb. C=March etc.) and the number signifies the year. For example, the photo here reads H2: August 2012 If the battery post isn't stamped, there may be a sticker on the top or side of the battery that reads the month and year in the same way. In this example, it shows C9, which indicates March of 2019. If all else fails, you may be able to pull up the sticker on the top of the battery and find the specific date of manufacture printed on the battery like you see here. 350c69d7ab


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