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Best Audio Design

Forgotten Spirits


Sam Shandley - Composer
Arian Vik - Project & Art Lead
Åsmund Wigen Thygesen - Lead Programmer
Hedda Marie Ragnøy Solstad - Level & Puzzle Designer
Iselin Sørensen Skorpen - Programmer
Teemu Vikøren - Programmer

Forgotten Spirits is a short family-friendly Puzzle Adventure game in a 2D Side-Scroller fashion. But there's a twist: Wherever the ground is marked, you may switch the layer you're walking on - between foreground and background - for an extra dimension of puzzle-solving.

Experience a visual narrative telling the story of two companions that traverse an abandoned world. Of a place that has been deserted long ago, and protagonists freeing the spirits that have been left behind. Discover unique abilities and use them to unveil mysteries; alone or together with a friend.

Oh, and there are fragments of spirits hidden in all nooks and crannies of the game. Can you find them all?

Jury comments regarding Best Audio Design: "Kompetent gjennomført lydpakke med lydspor og lydeffekter som passer til spillet"


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