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NGA Tour is live! Find us at your campus here:

We are currently visiting schools in Oslo, Hamar, Gjøvik, Drammen to talk about NGA and give out prizes and pizza We'll be joined by a bunch of different game studios that will talk about their story and how it is to start a studio in Norway! Feel free to come by, learn about NGA and ask any Questions you might have :) The infomeetings are open for all students, and we will also be around several hours beforehand. Find us here:

Hamar: Høyskolen i Innlandet Monday 26. October with Sarepta Studio. Auditorium 1 from 11:45

Gjøvik: NTNU Gjøvik Monday 26. October with Perfectly Paranormal. Room K105 from 12:00

Oslo: Høyskolen Kristiania Tuesday 27. October with Krillbite studio. Room NAU-201 from 11:45

Drammen: Danvik Fhs Tuestday 27. October from 13:00

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