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NGA 2022 is back

In just a few days the registration for NGA 2022 is closing. The team is really excited to bring you this event, and this year we are going all out! The event is being hosted physically for the first time in two years, and we are looking forward to meeting Norway's most skilled game developers.

NGA is divided up into two days like previous years and will be hosted at campus Gløshaugen, and an event hall for the expo. The first day is called The Networking Night, where participants meet people in the gaming and tech industry. Talks will be held about issues and interesting topics in the gaming and technology industry. There will also be held a case! This is a great opportunity for you as a game developer to get to know the industry.

The second day is the Game Expo. The expo is the grand event, which is held at EC Dahls and features a number of events during the day. Here the participating students get to show their game to hundreds of students, NGA partners, media and more. A full day of spectacle, fun experiences, seminars, and workshops, crowned by an awards ceremony at the end. Afterwards, participating students and partners can join a casual afterparty.

Stay tune for more updates!

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