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How we want to do NGA 2021

-NGA is still going strong
-NGA the game - the plan is a physical event as well as a fully fledged digital experience
-Games should preferably be playable in browser on

We are entering the new year with more governmental restrictions than in a long time. Nevertheless, we are also facing more hope than ever before, and as of today we have about 3 months left before NGA is to be arranged.

Now, it is more important then ever to facilitate a robust event that answers to the issues we face with Covid-19. Therefore, this years NGA will be a hybrid between a physical and digital event. Our job is to make both solutions scalable and adapt to the current situation in April.

Our physical location at EC Dahls will act as a base for the event with participants and audience just as previous NGA´s, as well as a studio for livestreams. It's a very flexible and versatile space, and we can quickly adapt it to the current situation.

Additionally we are super exited to be working on an online platform with Houseful, ensuring a worthy and fun digital experience, but more on that later :))

You as a participant can expect a complete program, including game booths, demos, presentations and workshops online as well as physical.

This means that all games should be available to play in a browser, so that it can be embedded into the experience best possible, and audience members don't have to install 20+ games.

We consider to be our best bet. It is free and supports playing games directly in the browser. There's a lot of good documentation on their site and we encourage you to test if your game works on itch as early as possible.

If your game can't be played in the browser on, please let us know!

Going forward we will be posting updates more regularly and keep you up to date.

Take care!

Andreas Hjertaker - Project manager NGA

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