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GG, thank you for being part of NGA 2021!

The weekend came and went, and just like that NGA 2021 is over.

It has been an amazing year for us planning the event and we hope you both as developers and as audience had a good experience!

All of the stream is over at and we are also going to make some compilations of the highlights going forward. Between the NGA League and two days of NGA we made 15 hours of content, and there are a lot of hidden gems in there ;)

We had many roadblocks on the way, many plans had to be cancelled, changed and cancelled again at the last minute. And still we delivered a show we are proud of, thanks to a dedicated team, great partners and a great organization called Start NTNU backing us and helping along the way.

We are just a group of students doing this because we think it is awesome what students can accomplish. This is how we want to gather the community, and show it off to as many people as possible!

The team behind this years NGA would like to thank you all for participating, and we are looking forward to seeing NGA next year as the biggest and best it has ever been,

this time IRL

- The team behind NGA 2021

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