Kahoot! Questions

Here are all the questions!! Have fun!

Undead University: What is the boss in Undead University?

Sparky and the Pur of Doom: What kind of animal do you play in Sparky and the Purr

of Doom?

WORKAHOLIC: What footwear is used by the protagonist of WORKAHOLIC?

Stellar Architect: Which planets do you build for Miss Unusualtoes?

TSWCT: What is name of the first level in Top Speed Wheelchair Coming Through?

Dreams of the Vassal: What is the name of the last enemy you meet in the demo?

One more door: How many cats are in the game?

Forgotten spirits: How many characters do you control in Forgotten Spirits?

Angy: What happens when the Lemmings ANGY-o-meter reaches max?

Syne: What is the name of the girl in the notes?

Unorthodobox: What is the name of the main character?

Taverna: What is not a food item in Taverna?

Flower Growth: What is used to grow flowers?

Harmony: Who is the villain?

The Great Wander: What color is the tent in The Great Wander?

Migrants: What differenciates the spy-ants from other ants?

Huldra: Which Norwegian folklore song inspired the music in Huldra?

Evergreen: Who do you defend in Evergreen?

Meanevil Beans: What type of troop is the Tier 3 Unit?

Castle Ravenstein: Which body parts do you use in the 3 part movement system?

Rules of Robots: Who decides the rules in “Rules of Robots”?

Slapping Blobber: What is this game trying to teach you about?

Stairs to Vettan: What is Stairs to Vettan?

Nótt & Dagr: What happens when Nótt touches a plant that Dagr grows in Nótt &


Visual Vocab: What English word is used for ‘gummistøvler’ in Visual Vocab?

Hairy Harold's Horrible History Hunt: What determines the theme of the next level

Mist breaker: Which color is the first crystal you pick up in the game?

Catgard: What animal does Loki transform into before lashing out at the cat mother in

the game "Catgard"?