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Studio Ghibli Studios in Japan is the destination for Miyazaki Hayao and Miyazaki Goshō.Hayao Miyazaki's movies and Goshō can be digitally scanned and distributed with or without special features.

Fujitsu released their first set-top DVD-RAM recorder/reactor with video in July 1997. Sony released DVD recorders (VLVs, an external VLR and a DVD recorder) in late 1997. The first DVD-RAM titles became available in April 1998. The first DVD-RAM-based Japanese DVDs were released in September 1998. Two major players have launched DVD-RAM recorders in the US: Panasonic and JVC.

Panasonic released the first FreeSpace burn support in February 1998. Sony followed with similar products later on. Sony released the first standalone player with FreeSpace support in October of 1998. The first full-length DVD movie with FreeSpace support was "Mission to Moscow" by Nikita Mikhalkov in Russia in June 1998. The first full-length DVD movie with FreeSpace support in the US was "The Ringer" released by Miramax on August 12, 1998. Microsoft added FreeSpace support to Windows 98 in November 1998.

Sony released the first full-length Japanese DVD movie with DVD-IPI in June 1999. Panasonic released a DVD-IPI recorder a month later. The first Synchronized Streaming content became available in early 2001 with videos such as "Office Theme Movie" released by HB Studios. Sega released a DVD-VR player and player software in March 1999. SEGA releases DVDs for their games in Japanese. The first full-length DVD movie with DVD-IPI content in the US was The Matrix released on June 12, 1999. d2c66b5586


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