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D. Such certificate shall be subject to any lawful regulations promulgated by the Commission not inconsistent with this title. Copies of all applications shall be forwarded to the Company, its Stations or Interchanges, and the Public Service Commission, and to the departments and public offices of the Commonwealth, Commonwealth's Attorney and Sheriff for Virginia, each of which shall impartially investigate and act upon such applications as suggested by this chapter.

E. To the extent that any provision of this title is inconsistent or in conflict with a provision of any law of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the provisions of such law shall control. If any law of the State of Virginia is repugnant to the provisions of this chapter, it shall be repugnant to the provisions of this chapter to the extent of such repugnancy, the provisions of this chapter, however, shall control in such event.

F. Every public service company interested in applying for a railroad permit shall submit to the commission a copy of their corporate charter or articles. If the charter either expressly provides for the holding out of corporate privileges to any natural person or authorizes a board of trustees to grant such privileges, then such board of trustees shall be deemed and held for all purposes of this chapter to be a corporate body with power to exercise such privileges.

G. The Commission shall, upon application, prevent or remedy any unlawful or unjust discrimination and may grant licenses to or against any party to any application under this title, to grant such application, to discontinue or cancel the application, or to modify the terms and conditions of such application as conditions of right, including erroneous terms and conditions or discriminatory practices.

H. No license shall be granted under this section to any public service company organized or incorporated under a Maryland, District of Columbia or any other foreign corporation unless otherwise provided by the public service commission. d2c66b5586


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