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Ip.Man.3.2015.720p.BRRip.x264.Chinese.AAC-ETRG Full NEW! Version

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Ip.Man.3.2015.720p.BRRip.x264.Chinese.AAC-ETRG full version

Like many films, particularly martial arts films, there's one scene that either shows the character's past, their growth, or their potential. The most famous is from Ip Man in the second film. Before that we only have a glimpse of his childhood. Some other moments of personal growth is seen in this film.

Of course there's more afoot with the villainous Kuo and his Triad cohorts. Otherwise it's a great film. There's humour in the form of a few verbal jabs at Ip Man but Jackie Chan is more than capable of handling that. Bruce Lee did have some good stunt work in this film which didn't really get in the way of what was going on, although there's some dodgy slow-motion at one point that just doesn't look right. The soundtrack was very good, with all the songs borrowed from Bruce Lee movies and soundtracks. I didn't realise that Kwun Chung was very hard on his pupils. At one point in the film when his apprentice is kicking Bruce Lee's ass in a fight, he shouts at him. His response is \"Stop playing. Get serious. Kick!\" It was like he was talking to a little kid. It's all very well for Ip Man to learn Kungfu but I can't help but think this man was a bit too rough on his pupil. It didn't really benefit the story one bit.


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