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Where To Buy A Mattress In A Box Fix

Casper is well known for helping the mattress-in-a-box industry hit the mainstream, and it's the most commonly purchased online brand by our survey panel. This model is entirely foam on the inside so it weighs less and costs less than many hybrid models, helping it earn the top spot on our list. The brand offers several different mattresses at varying price points, but this is the most popular and the one we think offers the best bang for your buck.

where to buy a mattress in a box

Tester notes: Over 100 reviewers told us they love their Casper mattress, especially highlighting the price, ease of buying, good support and overall comfort. One user even told us, "It's the best one I've ever owned," while another explained liking it because "it conforms to your body." Users also had great experiences working with the brand's customer service, with no major issues to report.

Allswell's mattress is packed with features, but it's also one of the most affordable brands in our roundup. Despite the cheap price tag well under $1,000, it stands out for its exceptional performance, according to our panel. It's a hybrid mattress made with a mix of memory foam, coils and a pillowtop to offer a balance of comfort, pressure relief and support.

If you're looking to save even more, the brand also has a 10-inch hybrid mattress that's just $349 for a Queen. It has fewer features (there's less edge support and no cooling aspects), but reviewers told us it's comfortable and they're happy with it.

Tester notes: Our panel agreed this mattress was worth the price and several even said it got rid of their neck and back pain. Users also told us the ordering process was smooth, delivery was quick and setup was easy. Besides its convenience, one tester told us, "It feels like sleeping on a real, plush hotel mattress, but at a fraction of the price."

Most Tempur-Pedic mattresses cost over $3,000 and require in-home setup, but this Tempur-Cloud model is a compressed version that ships via UPS to your front door. It still uses the brand's signature Tempur material, which is a high-quality foam that conforms to your shape and reduces motion transfer.

Tester notes: Users gave it high scores across the board, especially for comfort, support and overall sleep quality. One told us, "I feel like my entire body is supported in a very gentle way," while others who have owned it for years have been amazed at how well it's held up. Plus, a tester that slept on a more traditional mattress-in-a-box before this one said, "It was definitely a major upgrade."

This best-selling low-cost mattress is a total steal for under $300 and is highly rated by our tester panel, making it a perfect choice for anyone on a budget. It has a low profile and won't feel as luxurious as the other models in this article, but it's convenient to buy with quick shipping and an easy setup.

While this 8-inch mattress is the firmest and least expensive, it's also available in two other versions with more foam: A 10-inch model with medium firmness and a 12-inch model that feels plusher. These taller versions are both still under $400.

Tester notes: Dozens of users told us it was incredibly easy to order and set up, plus they unanimously agreed it was well worth the price. Some noted that it seemed a bit thin, but otherwise there were no major complaints. One user summarized her experience by saying, "You won't find a better mattress for the price. The company is awesome, the mattress arrived two days after I placed the order and was in perfect condition! Opening the mattress was easy and took less than five minutes until I had it on the bed frame."

This no-frills mattress has a basic design yet is surprisingly comfortable and convenient. Because it's available on Amazon Prime, it has speedy delivery and you know exactly which day it'll show up at the time of ordering. This reliability is an important consideration given all of the production and shipping delays in the mattress industry right now. It's a simple model made with two layers of memory foam inside.

Tester notes: This mattress received a lot of praise in areas like comfort and support, and it stood out among our panel for its motion isolation: Users told us they couldn't feel their sleeping partners move around throughout the night. They also raved that it feels supportive and firm. One survey respondent highlighted, "My Tuft & Needle mattress is so much more comfortable than any mattress I've ever had in the past." The main complaint here is that the edges lack support, so if you're sitting on the side it may sag.

Most mattresses-in-a-box are made with memory foam, but this organic mattress uses latex which creates a firmer feel. In fact, Avocado says it's a 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, which is among the firmest you can find for boxed beds. The bed is also certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

Its firmness makes it most suitable for back and stomach sleepers, or for heavier sleepers that need a firmer surface to prevent sinking. This is particularly due to the fact that you don't get the sinking sensation from latex that's common among foam mattresses. If you're a side sleeper or prefer a softer feel, you can add a plush latex pillowtop for an added cost. Avocado also offers a lower-priced organic mattress that's 10 inches and has a 5/10 firmness rating.

Tester notes: Our panel describes it as the perfect combination of soft and firm, and users say they can't feel their sleeping partners move during the night. Reviewers also praised its comfort by telling us it feels like "sleeping on air" and "like floating in every sleeping position." Just note: Unlike other models that can arrive within days, some told us their Purple mattress delivery took longer than expected.

The best mattresses for people with back pain typically have a medium firmness level and memory foam layers for pressure relief and to help promote alignment for side sleeping. Nolah's luxurious boxed hybrid is made with many layers for comfort and support.

It comes in three firmness levels, but Luxury Firm will feel the closest to a "medium" option for those with back pain. Just note that this mattress-in-a-box is taller and heavier than others, so it'll be more difficult to set up. If you prefer, you can have it set up for you for an extra $125.

What it's made of: A cover with a cool-to-the-touch feel on top, handles on the side and a non-skid bottom so the mattress doesn't shift. Layers include 2 inches of foam with cooling properties inside a quilted topper, a 2-inch "heat escape gusset" (a border that helps draw excess heat away from the mattress), another 2-inch layer of foam (this one for pressure relief and comfort infused with graphite to prevent overheating), 2 inches of resilience foam for support, 1 inch of high-density foam for durability and to act as a transition layer and a supportive coil system with added edge support with a bottom layer of cotton and wool to increase stability.

Tester notes: It earned perfect scores for comfort and reviewers with back pain all told us it actually eased their discomfort. One tester told us, "I used to wake up with sciatic pain every morning, and it went away within the first week of using this mattress." Another user with pregnancy-related hip pain said the bed "saved" her and noted, "it helped me sleep really well."

Side sleeper mattresses should be softer to avoid putting strain on pressure points, like your shoulders and hips. If your mattress is too firm, you risk having poor alignment when you sleep. Puffy's hybrid stands out for feeling luxurious and plush without being too soft and also provides good support while conforming to your pressure points.

What it's made of: A layer of foam that's infused with gel for a cooling feel, a layer of pressure-relief foam, a layer of foam with wicking capabilities to reduce moisture, a contouring coil system with foam edges for support and a grip base to prevent any mattress shifting.

Tester notes: Testers describe lying on this mattress as feeling like they're sleeping on a cloud, but they still give it high marks for support. One even told us, "I am able to sleep more deeply on it," while others note that it has gotten rid of aches and pains they had from firmer innerspring beds. Users also like that it's not too soft, saying it keeps its shape without sagging under their weight.

A happy medium for sleeping partners with different preferences, Helix's mattress isn't too firm or too soft. Besides couples, it's also ideal for back sleepers or combination sleepers that need a true medium feel firmness level. It also stands out for being a hybrid that combines foam and coils, using a moisture-wicking cover for hot sleepers and having zoned sections for more support and pressure relief where you need it.

Helix offers a wide range of mattresses, and you can take the brand's sleep quiz if you need help picking out the best one for your needs. Its most popular model is the Midnight Mattress, but the Dusk Luxe earned better scores from our reviewers.

Most affordable and lightweight boxed mattresses have minimal layers and are primarily foam, but for an upgraded feel you can opt for a hybrid model with several layers of foam on top of coils. Bear's model is relatively newer and has been blowing our testers away with its indulgent comfort. It has an ergonomic layout with five zones to promote spine alignment, and each zone varies in pressure relief and support.

Tester notes: It's a newer model so we don't have long-term feedback on it just yet, but users that have had it for a year at this point give it high scores across the board and say it's the most comfortable bed they've ever slept on. In fact, our reviewers find that it has led to better sleep, with one telling us, "This is undoubtedly the best mattress we have ever owned. We have traveled all over and have never had the sleep experience we now have every night." 041b061a72


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