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WAITITI: That's still an important movie. It doesn't matter if they regretted doing it. It still pokes holes in Nazism and fascism. And regardless of whether he knew about the camps or not, since he made the film, there have been numerous other films by filmmakers who did know, people who were still determined to make fun of these people and to make - you know, and to - the way that to combat bullying is to make fun of bullies. Yes, we do live in the safety of 2019, but...

Jojo RabbitMovie | 2019

KING: In 2019, in this country and in other countries, particularly in Europe, people are worried about Nazis again. People are worried about a nationalist resurgence and authoritarian resurgence. People are actively worried about actual Nazis.

WAITITI: Now, so we think we live in the safety of 2019. Yes, we don't have to worry about Hitler and his retribution on us for making jokes about him. I mean, this film shouldn't really need to be made. In 2019, do I really need to make a film with the heart of the message being, you shouldn't be a Nazi? At the end of World War II, there was a very clear and simple law. If you're a Nazi, you go to jail because there's no room in this world for you and those ideas.

The Nov. 2-dated Hot Tours list is stacked with industry veterans like Elton John, Madonna and Phil Collins. But smack in the middle of the list, 16-year-old JoJo Siwa hits No. 5 with the final North American reports of D.R.E.A.M. The Tour, adding $8.4 million to her year-to-date total. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the television and YouTube sensation has earned a stunning $26.9 million from 506,184 tickets so far in 2019.

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Jojo Rabbit Benjamin Franz Jojo Rabbit 2019 Written and Directed by Taika Waititi Distributed by Fox Searchlight 108 minutes From the opening bars of the Beatles German language version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" (Ich möchte deine Hand halten), you know you are in for a genre-blending, mind blowing snarky pop powered treat. Jojo Rabbit is candidly Taika Waititi's latest offering in his quest to supplant all his predecessors as the master of satire. A pastiche of several directors' worth of style and trademarked signatures, Jojo Rabbit is a wonderful dark comedic satire set during the last days of the Third Reich. 041b061a72


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