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A Global History Of Architecture.pdf


A Global History Of Architecture.pdf

Architectural history retains information about the different approaches developed at different time periods. The record of failed strategies is equally imperative as those of the successful ones. The fallen windows of John Hancock tower of Boston, made architects restructure their approach towards the design of skyscrapers. A thorough study of these will provide valuable insights to develop a more innovative tactic. Evaluation of past patterns paves the way for innovation. These evolving approaches will also lay the foundation for future requirements. An architect must learn from architectural history to build upon the experiences of their predecessors.

Throughout history, innovations in architecture are assisted by the evolution of technology. A study of architectural history shows how, the changing trends in technology, gave birth to new architectural visions. The advances in this aspect are quite radical at present. But how can one incorporate a historical art form with futuristic developments An architect must look through the pages of history to comprehend this union. He must utilize the analysis to create pioneering architectural solutions. An understanding of transformation in technology will give a perception of the direction the field is moving towards.

Vernacular architecture is a result of repeated trials and errors that developed over a few generations. The changing climate, geography, and regional context have all contributed to its creation. This is the very reason why subconsciously disaster planning has been incorporated into these structures. Architectural history provides us with a peek into how different cultures prepared for catastrophes through their architecture. It also documents the anthropogenic impact on the environment. Architects must learn to understand the history of disasters of a region revealed through its architectural history. It also helps one understand the different mitigation methods adopted by different parallel civilizations to combat similar hazards.

Architectural history teaches us that it is not just about the socio-historical processes, but that through architects and their works, it narrates a story. The story about the creative process, the inspirations, the criticisms, and the final result. The knowledge of architectural history helped the titans of architecture create their signature styles. Their identities were a result of this knowledge of the past and the development of individual design philosophies. So, to carve your niche in the world of architecture, you must be well versed in its backstory. 153554b96e


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