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Shawn Clayton
Shawn Clayton

Owl City - All My Friends - Alt Version

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Many tracks start and end without leaving a lasting impression, but nonetheless put you in a good mood due to the cheerful synth pop soundscapes and optimistic lyrics. The content mostly revolves around Young's life stories and being true to yourself. As always, there is some spiritual content that is nice to see, especially given the reach he has among a mainstream audience. The title-track is a conglomerate of movie-related words and phrases and, although it's pretty cheesy, it serves as a decent end to the 15 original songs. The album actually ends with three unnecessary alternative versions of "All My Friends," "Montana," and "Firebird." The reason for redoing these three tracks will likely be elusive to the casual listener and would have been better served as part of a deluxe edition or separate EP.

Cinematic is a decent release from Owl City that is significantly set back by "All My Friends," three alternative version tracks, and an album length that over-extends its welcome. It's more cohesive than the mosh-posh of sonic experimentation found on Mobile Orchestra and, to his credit, it does feel like exactly what he wanted to put out at this stage of his life. If you are an Owl City fan, this album is worth checking out--otherwise you should at least give a listen to "House Wren."

Well folks, 2022 is finally over. Do hope it has been a good year for you and your loved ones. Hope your Christmas was wonderful for you, your family, friends and loved ones. Good to have everyone safe and secure. May God bless all of you. 781b155fdc


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