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Fotografando Patrizia 1984 English Subtitles Download For Movie

Fotografando Patrizia 1984 English Subtitles Download for Movie

Fotografando Patrizia (also known as The Dark Side of Love) is a 1984 Italian erotic drama film directed by Salvatore Samperi and starring Monica Guerritore and Lorenzo Lena. The film tells the story of Patrizia, a young woman who falls in love with her brother Emilio, a photographer who is obsessed with her. The film explores the themes of incest, voyeurism, and sexual repression in a conservative society.

The film was controversial at the time of its release due to its explicit depiction of incest and nudity. It was banned in several countries and received negative reviews from critics. However, it also gained a cult following among fans of erotic cinema and became a box office success in Italy. The film was nominated for two Nastro d'Argento awards, for Best Actress (Guerritore) and Best Cinematography (Tonino Delli Colli).

fotografando patrizia 1984 english subtitles download for movie

If you are interested in watching this film, you may want to download the English subtitles for it. There are several websites that offer subtitles for various languages, but not all of them are reliable or accurate. Here are some tips on how to find and download the best English subtitles for Fotografando Patrizia:

Use a reputable website that has a large database of subtitles and a good rating system. Some examples are [Subdl] and [Subscene](

  • Search for the film by its original title (Fotografando Patrizia) or its alternative title (The Dark Side of Love). You may also use the IMDb ID (tt0087263) or the year of release (1984) to narrow down your search.

  • Choose the subtitle file that matches the format and quality of your video file. For example, if you have a Blu-ray rip of the film, you should look for a subtitle file that has "BluRay" or "BRRip" in its name.

  • Download the subtitle file and save it in the same folder as your video file. Make sure that the subtitle file has the same name as the video file, except for the extension. For example, if your video file is named "Fotografando.Patrizia.1984.BluRay.mkv", your subtitle file should be named "".

  • Open your video file with a media player that supports subtitles, such as [VLC]( or [MPC-HC]( You should be able to see the subtitles on the screen. If not, you may need to enable them manually from the menu or settings of your media player.

Enjoy watching Fotografando Patrizia with English subtitles!


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