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East West Quantum Leap Choir Torrent _TOP_

East West Quantum Leap Choir Torrent ===

with a chorus of this size, the library is definitely large enough to provide a huge amount of phrases. however, i was pretty disappointed with the amount of phrases i was able to find. if i wanted to find 1510 phrases and i found at most 945 (33% of the total phrases). without being able to check the original file, i can only assume that this percentage is correct. while some phrases are clearly over-represented in the library, others are scarce. and most of them have a very distinctive, almost mechanical quality to them, which sounds very alien to the overall character of the choirs. it almost feels like east west was copying certain phrases from their symphonic choirs library without any higher purpose in mind. east west should have at least taken the time to create some truly unique phrases. if they did, i feel certain that people would have been more than happy to pay the retail price for such a library and would have supported their music in return. i can only imagine that their exclusive deal with avid satisfied their needs in an equally satisfactory way.

while it is tempting to start the album with the phenomenal and powerful orchestral version of the opening track, here on earth (it is brilliant!), i will withhold the moment and give east west time to redeem themselves. it is a pity because the choir sounds far better on this track than on any of the others. however, the orchestral version of here on earth is a stunner and worth a listen as well. after they have redeemed themselves, here on earth should be the first track on the album.

a shame it takes this long for east west to improve their choir library. i hope this isnt the beginning of a long and disappointing journey. the phrase library is huge and the overall sound is quite unique. it is a shame that east west only managed to find 945 phrases on a chorus this large. i would have hoped to hear the majority of the phrases while browsing the library and later purchasing the full version. now i have to get them separately, which is not only time consuming but also quite expensive. here on earth is a great example of how such an idea could be executed and i sincerely hope that this album becomes a hit and sells well. i am certain that east west will make it a success, but it would be great if this album gets noticed by their fans as well. sometimes all it takes is a small marketing effort to get people to realize the potential of a truly unique, great sounding and innovative library. 3d9ccd7d82


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