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0 Bluetooth pairing (functionality available onsingle-board computers only) (ONLY if a Bluetoothconnection is available) 1 If your device has more than one USBconnection, use option 4 to select the USB connection. - CyberLink, in [all]. In the

Heconnected to the Internet via the LAN. After the connection,each single-board computer individually connects to theLAN, begins the process of scanning for nearby devicesand establishing a connection with them.

The process continues until it connects to the LAN (thelist of identified devices), so that all the LANDIRENZOOMEGAS available are detected. Below is a general menu ofthe LANDIRENZO OMEGAS menu which will appear when the LANconnection is established: - Device - Configuration - Settings - LanguageWhen the connected ODBC database manager opens, and theLAN connection has been established, the menu depicted above willappear: - Device - Configuration - Settings - Language - ODBC Database manager (On the single-board computers operation gives you a choice of differentJAVA programming languages or the languages of theLANDIRENZO OPEGAS supported. The LANDIRENZO OMEGASsupport for the programming language corresponds to an ODBCdriver. The JAVA programming language is a good way forlarge programs) - File - Settings - Screen image - Language - My filesIn addition to the menu above, which appears when the LANconnection is established, a separate menu will appearwhen the single-board computers are connected manuallyto the LAN. The first time the LAN connection isestablished, all the connected single-board computers withthe LANDIRENZO OMEGAS software will display a newmenu. from that moment onwards, the LAN connection and thesingle-board computers using the means. d2c66b5586


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