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Limit speed with max speed - if this flag is checked the controllerlimits maximum speed to the value specified in the Max nominal speedfield. For example, if the speed exceeds the rated value, controllerwill reduce output action, until the speed come back to the normalrange. However, the controller remains operational and will continue thecurrent task.

Current as RMS - if this flag is checked engine current value isinterpreted as root mean square current value. If the flag is unset,then engine current value is interpreted as maximum amplitude value.See Calculation of the nominal current page for description

I have an asus rog gl503ge laptop. The GPU fan spins around 6500rpm all the time with even on idle. I checked temps and its fine. I checked task manager, nothing's using GPU. I set fan mode to silent in ROG Gaming center and the same is happening even in battery saving mode. Cooling is also set to passive in power profiles. I've installed latest nvidia drivers too.

I recently bought the Archer A5 AC1200 router so i could expand my wifi signal. When i hooked everything up and checked the internet speed it only went to 100mbps, whereas my internet speed is 200mbps. On my main modem everything works fine i get 200mbps read speeds on my phone and via ethernet cable. I checked online there is no questions for my model but i still read the articles writing about the full duplex thing. I go to the website for the router and i dont have the option to change my duplex.

Update on January 11th, 2023 by Md. Armughanuddin: We have checked for codes but unfortunately, there are no new codes at this point. Keep checking back to get the latest codes when they are released!

I have a Micromaster 440 that I have set up to run from a speed pot (10K Linea), the issue I'm having is, I want the motor to run between 40 and 60 Hz, but when I adjust the speed pot I only get 40 to 50 Hz, I have checked P1080 (40Hz) and P1082 (60Hz) the only way I can seem to get it to control is if I have the Max Speed (P1082) lower than the motor name plate (50Hz). Am I missing something or do I need to set the motor name plate to something like 75Hz

Have you checked about the switch under the I/O module If it's a 60Hz motor, the second switch needs to be on position 2, and check also the parameter P0307. For more info, see the comissioning manual.

For this article, we checked the official FIFA match reports of every single game in the tournament. We have included matches from the group-stage 6 to the quarter-finals, but we promise to update the numbers at the end of every round until the big final on December 18.

I'v got a ninebot one c+.Today when i was riding max speed at 21-22km/h (i checked on the app),i waited for like 3-4 beeps,and it tilted me so back,and i coudn't lean forward so i had to step off and fell hard(i'm ok,cos i had protection).It is normal(I thought the tiltback only try to slow me down not to drop me off th EUC...) Can i change the tilt back angle somehowOr any suggestion for a new rider

So after troubleshooting I was able to cruise at a maximum of mach .80. I checked my weight and balance and cg and it all looked normal. Next time I fly it I might move my CG even further forward. At .80 mach the nose trim is pretty much full down. I'm pretty sure this controls the stab as well. (maybe not, but I couldn't get any other trim lever to move) 153554b96e


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